“America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.”
Warren G. Harding


We get past heroic Zul pretty regular. The next boss just got a nerf but he’s still a drag with an astonishing number of mechanics.

Resto-Druids do a good job in raids.

I raid with another Druid on some nights. He has a different build that I do but our Recount numbers are often the same. This means that there is some flexibility in our healing playstyle.

Over-all, I have only seen Monks put up consistent numbers higher than mine. That Monk claims that he is mostly a tank healer and otherwise worthless. I dunno, I don’t look too close.

We are not the “bring the class” class. For example, we don’t have a Mass Dispel that is coveted on Zul. We can not throw Divine Star to cheese the door into MOTHER. But, there are several bosses that have a stack mechanic and players are glad to see us.

In 8.1 our Tranquility will be nerfed and our Wild Growth with be buffed. Overall, this is a nerf, to be sure.

Still, Rest-Druids are looking pretty good in raids!


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