Cold Saturday Nights

“A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.”
Kin Hubbard

Cold Saturday Nights

Last night we were primed to work on the Ahead of the Curve achievement and downing the final boss on heroic. I was excited to try and had a stack of Captain’s feasts and my cauldron ready. We knew that we’d have to pug in the orb runners and at Saturday, we knew that most of the dedicated runners would have done it already.

Our raid leader had something come up at work.

What to do? Well, we decided to run Nighthold on mythic from the last expansion. There is a chance at two mounts, achievement points and transmog gear. And, as you would guess, we face-rolled it with chatter, laughs and camaraderie.

Someone mentioned that Emerald Nightmare on mythic gives The Dreamer title. So, why not? It is a pretty good title and now I am Wrathsome the Dreamer. Players learned to catch the battle pet after the last kill, the Dream Whelpling, that can only be found there.

Heroism resets after a boss kill on old raids. We had one player who knew the fights on mythic and would say things like “get the kill in under 12 seconds to avoid the phase change”. That kept us focused for certain bosses but it really was a romp.

There is always something to do in Azeroth.


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