Resto-Druid Nerfed in 8.1

“The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.”
John Lewis

Resto-Druid Nerfed in 8.1

What we needed was analysis by an expert to explain the changes in the patch notes for 8.1. And we got one today. Chris Potter of Method posted his analysis on ranking healers on Wowhead.

He does a very good and thorough job of working spec by spec, spell by spell, talent by talent and trait by trait.

His conclusion was, “I see no reason to bring a Druid to the raid”.

The others; Disc, Holy, Monk, Pally and Shammy all have chances to be the best in certain scenarios in raiding. The Resto-Druid will not be invited to the dance.

I am concerned and some upset by this news. Method is the definitive voice on raiding. This information will spread all the way to the family and friends raids because, while we never hear from the designers, Wowhead and the like are very good reporters in the field.

It is not fair.
It is not balanced.
This is the “fix it” patch and we see the intention for BfA.

As a player, why don’t I get a vote or access to the Dev?

Blizz can ____ to ______. There are at least a thousand words that could fill in those blanks!

9 thoughts on “Resto-Druid Nerfed in 8.1

  1. Ouch, that are a tough message. “I see no reason to bring a Druid to the raid”.

    I must admit, I am out of touch with the game right now, I hardly play at all, but my Resto Druid heart ache at these words.

    If you “block” out all those saying Resto Druids are in bad shape, how do you feel when playing it yourself? What do you miss, how could it be solved, what would you suggest?

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  2. It seems that there is always some class falling in to this category each tier. For a few tiers now it’s been restoration shamans who have been pushed aside to the point where they just weren’t brought in for bosses in Uldir. And it really does feel rubbish. I’m sorry that it’s Resto Druids that have that label this time.

    It feels bad, but, speaking from experience, it’s something that you just deal with and ignore. At the end of the day, it’s the healers who show up that get to raid. And it doesn’t matter how good a class may seem to look on a graph made in MS Paint, if they can’t do mechanics, they’ll get dropped. Having watched the video, I’m waiting to see what my class-specific theory-crafters say before I pay much attention to this. I’d rather hear it from the people I think have a closer, better understanding of my class.

    It’s really hard because things like this shouldn’t impact on anyone other than the super top end guilds, but you’re right in that this is the information that raid leads listen to. Puts everyone in a really tough spot. The best you can do is to keep doing you. Play what you love, because you will naturally play it better. Keep doing mechanics, keep being reliable, and there will always be a place for you, no matter what class you play.

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      • Aha right, I remember you told me that. I see, still not enough. I guess it´s tough not being brought for all the “fancy” spells besides healing/dps that help the raid along too.

        I miss my own Displacer Beast every day.

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