Pivot and Spin: The Dev Q&A

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”
Kurt Vonnegut

Pivot and Spin: The Dev Q&A

Which one is the dog, which one is the pony? Blizzard continues to produce this live steaming production in a low rent fashion. Even Wayne’s World had a camera man.

Still and yet, we forgive them. They are not professional presenters and they don’t know how to use a mic, Lore stutters over the questions and the camera stalls: and they are still there for us, gamely playing on. Party on, Garth.

Frankly, I hardly remember much even though I was right there watching for a full hour. I know that our Heart of Azeroth will be wonderful in about year with extra bits tacked on; but that is a year from now.

Communication is still a topic. Even though they probably cherry-pick the questions, we have to agree that Mutt and Jeff are right there on the camera, live; answering questions. Even explaining how patch notes are created. As you might imagine, I felt that it was mostly a waste of my time.

Because there was nothing about ME in the Q&A. I want to know about my issues and concerns which I saw plenty of questions about in the forums.

So; about two years ago, I suddenly became a news junkie. There was an imposter and poser on the throne running amuck. While this guy can not do a “pivot” to save his life and crown, we have seen many politicians interviewed who use a pivot.

A pivot is when someone is asked a direct question and they nod and then give a totally unrelated answer. If you have ever seen a politician in a debate say, “that reminds me of a family that I met on my campaign. Hard working, good people …” the story will not answer the question even though you might think that it will when he began his story.

We saw Ion pivot hard today. Asked directly about the current state of class design and why so many players are unhappy; he started by going back eight years in the game. Then he moved forward and gave an answer. I’ll admit that it was a kind of answer, sort of an answer. But it was a Big Pivot! I had to smile. We didn’t need the history of class design, we want to know the state and happiness of our classes today: right now.

It was kind of fun to watch. I’m glad I did. I am now thinking that part of the charm must be in it’s camera-in-the-basement style of presentation. Party on, Wayne.


6 thoughts on “Pivot and Spin: The Dev Q&A

  1. There’s a strange part of me that likes the Q&As because you can get a sense for how developed something in the works is by how polished and simple the answer is.

    Ion talking about the Azerite changes in 8.2? Simple, straightforward answer without a lot of extra fluff, and a clear explanation of the current state that details the problem. I’m satisfied with that, or rather, I will be at whatever undefined point 8.2 arrives.

    Ion talking about class pruning? He stutters and stammers around in a circle, talking about the history of design, trying really hard to not promise anything but admitting that the current design might be too simple (even though “we think on average we added more to toolkits in BfA”) – I’m laughing at how much time was spent saying nothing.

    For my gameplay, the HoA change in 8.2 currently sounds like it fixes one of my major concerns with BfA. Now if we can get rewarding rotations, reasons to engage with daily content like world quests, better raid design, and more transparency in the game mechanics, I might be really sold on it!

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