Alt Leveling: Warlock

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
Mark Twain

Alt Leveling: Warlock

Oh the plans and dreams!

I have the ambition of leveling up a Warlock for raiding. In the pug life, we need the portal and the healthstones. If I can do it, I would be useful and valued.

Of course, it may not happen and that is okay. My nerfed Druid will still be welcome for the battle rez. I’ve tried things before, like tanking, that went not very far: mashed in melee waiting for the DPS to finish the job wasn’t very fun.

But, my Warlock, I find that I look forward to playing her. She is a gnome with giggles. After years of night elf, this is very different. Questing is fun for many reasons; one is that there is no pressure. When BfA dropped, we had three weeks to get to ilevel 340 and be raid ready with flasks, potions and feasts.

A Warlock plays a little like a hunter but a lot more evil! And, for my warlock, one is never enough; if I can tag three or four mobs; all the better, thank you very much! There are a lot of buttons to push and choices to make.

I think that earning XP and moving the bar up through levels is a lot more fun than farming AP. Knowing the path and the zones already is great so I can learn the spells as I go. To really practice my rotation, I’ve joined a few island expeditions.

Let us hope that it all works out. Currently at 117, I’d have three weeks to get up to raid ready. Now with assaults and warfronts and stuff, it might be possible!

Just look at that sly gnome; her name is Corruptsome.



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