The Headcanon Underground

“History finds us at a turning point. If you are prepared to meet destiny with me head on, I will ensure that you are richly rewarded for your efforts.”
Wrathion, the Black Prince

The Headcanon Underground

When I was a kid, I was thrilled to read about The Baker Street Irregulars. It was a network of street kids, smart and savvy, who would occasionally do work for Sherlock Holmes for the price of a shilling.

I wanted to be the Artful Dodger, in the movie Oliver. The clever pickpocket and favorite of Fagin, a man who directed a band of street kids all over London. The Artful Dodger said “consider yourself, one of us”.

Again, in the Mary Poppins books and movies; the Banks children are taken to magical and musical characters who are part of the London underground. All living right under the noses of the work-a-day people.

These ideas have always caught our fancy in literature and movies.

I like to pretend that I’m part of the WoW underground. I have connections and know how to get an edge with heirloom gear or extra XP from the faire; “sure buddy, just hop on this carousel”. The muggles might be questing and running dungeons but I know this pet tamer in Booty Bay what gives max XP every day in less than two minutes.

Headcanon is when you sort of fill in the blanks of a story because you don’t have all the facts. You could be totally wrong.

For example, I might think that Wrathion is behind our current faction war in Battle for Azeroth. With that kind of headcanon, I begin to see explanations for why the things that are happening in every cutscene, in every corner, it every hint from an NPC. Basically, it is like being a conspiracy theory guy!

The game for my warlock gnome, Corruptsome, is a blend of headcanon and fantasy underground. None of it is really there but I like to pretend that I am sly and wise and know my way around; a gal who can get things done. And, ever vigilant, looking for evidence of Wrathion’s influence on Azeroth, on it’s leaders, all the way down to the underground.

Where IS that dragon?


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