A Frog, A Pig and a Gnome

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.”
Jim Henson

A Frog, a Pig and a Gnome

Corruptsome was helping. She had to retrieve some stolen presents. While waiting, she put out the Ogre Pinata so everyone could have some Pink Bubblegum while they waited. Someone else put down the festive outfits. Now we have a dance party while we all wait for the scary boss who steals presents!

And so we find Corruptsome, out in Nazmir in her festive outfit and chomping on some Pink Bubblegum and, well, what is this? A frog is no surprise, this is a swamp. But a pig and a lute? How odd!


What happens if we pluck the strings on the lute? Gadzooks!


It is Kremit the Frog and Miggy the Pig with an homage to our favorites from the Muppets. Blizzard, what a fine idea to tuck this little thing in the corner of a swamp.


If you want to go see this fine fun thing. I found a map for you in Nazmir. See that little dot? That is where you want to go.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me!



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