Everyone is Drinking Egg Nog

“I don’t say we all ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could.”
Orson Welles

Everyone is Drinking Egg Nog

Before going to college for my master’s degree, I had worked in a road house for seven years. This meant a lot of shows; either touring shows or locally produced. The range was wide from rock acts to debates to Audubon films to the symphony. I loved it, I was busy all of the time.

My first semester in graduate school, I worked on many shows all over campus. It was great, this school was hopping. And then Thanksgiving came along and everyone went away for a week. Ah, c’mon!

It feels like that surprise empty week now in WoW. Everyone is on vacation. That includes the writers and bloggers and players and Devs. But me! I’m still looking for a dungeon to run or a raid to play. The players I do see must be the lonely hearts.

I don’t measure my WoW time in years but by expansion. Kind of like a theater season, it has it’s own time box that crosses over the calendars.

Battle for Azeroth dropped on August 15th. In this early four-and-a-half month run, I’ve played a lot. Much of the early outrage is gone; thank you transmute to anchorweed, thank you warfront gear.

One of the best things that BfA has over Legion is that it really is Alt Friendly. I raided Heroic Uldir on my healing Druid and my Hunter. You can sustain your characters at a reasonably high level if that is your wish. For example, I dinged 120 on my Warlock three days ago and she is ilevel 340 right now.

Story Time
When you are a Stage Manager, you have to call the cues for lighting, video, sound, flies and the scene shifts (and often much more).

Calling a cue is very specific. You say “standby cue 1” then you say “and cue 1 go”. You’d never say “go cue 1” because it would always be late, not knowing until after which thing was supposed to happen.

We were running MOTHER, the second raid boss in Uldir, and somehow I was doing the calls to jump across. So, I went in full SM mode with “standby group one” “and group one … go!”

The fun part is that our Raid Leader picked up the cadence and is now much more specific on the calls and when to execute. That pause after “and group one …” can hold a room in suspense!

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