So, What’s Now in WoW

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”
Frank Sinatra

So, What’s Now In WoW

The Happy Thoughts Experiment is over. I hope that the winner enjoys the mount, I had a good time posting. I feel that I am pretty positive anyways but I didn’t allow myself to get sucked into the forums and that’s much more healthy! Staying away from all that for a few weeks was very good.

When the Tiller’s Farm came out, everyone was saying Farmville, the Facebook game. I never played that but I do find that I miss the amusing little dailies like the Northrend fishing or the farm or the garrison. The new assaults come close but not quite, still some of that flavor is in them.

My guildies have been teasing me, which is always a good thing. They are calling my heals “soft heals” on my Druid. Still, I can hold my own with anyone right now. My numbers are good; my mass root and typhoon and soothe are all valued.

Everyone is excited and curious about the new raid. For one, we have beaten the loot out of the current raid; and two, we are starting to get information. My night elf will be a troll when we race swap. Remember how weird it was to be human in the Culling of Strath? It will be like that but with racials.

I got my Shady Message today! I had won, maybe, five pvp pet battles and got a quest to do a table mission which then sent me to a Shady guy under the bridge in Boralus. Woot, access to the horde-side pets! Information on this can be found at WoW Pet Addiction.

I was thinking of starting a trial account on the horde side to run through all of their pets and toys. This way, I start at max (I think) and all earned stuff would be on my normal account.

There is still a lot to do. I have my eye on pets and toys, though I am saving Safari until I have flying. I have some farming to do to get my professions up but the good news is that my guys are pretty strong.

I have a careful eye on the 7th Legion Medals and the Doubloon vendors. I have not spent any yet. Those will be some decisions to make, hopefully with a wild spending spree at the end!

How about you, keeping busy?

5 thoughts on “So, What’s Now in WoW

  1. I neglected my main quite a lot in the past weeks/months, but today I started doing world quests again, farming rep for Paragon chests and collecting pet charms. And that’s a lot to keep me busy for a while, I guess 🙂

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  2. Wait, what, secret Shady Message!? Click click. That sure is a nice thing, not having to level up a Horde then, if I understand correctly.

    I´m glad to hear that; I find that it helped me a lot too, staying positive 🙂 I keep at it, or try! Looking forward to see who is the lucky one for the mount 🙂

    Awww, soft heals. I like that 😀

    I miss Tillers too. I didn´t really think about that with BfA – and that kind of quests. I miss those. It was also such a peaceful place. That sound of the soil was almost soothing, was it not?

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