My New Cap’n Crackers

“The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.”
Joan Rivers

My New Cap’n Crackers

Big thanks to Alunaria’s Avenue for my prize of Cap’n Crackers!

She mailed me the code which has to be entered in “account settings” not in the Blizzard shop. It was instant and easy.

Once you summon this pet, you /whistle to get him to ride on your shoulder. Very fun.

He chirps and whistles cheerfully.

Here he is smiling on the shoulder of my fresh Warlock!


6 thoughts on “My New Cap’n Crackers

  1. Its a pretty cool pet. I love that it can sit on our shoulders. I wish more pets had fun interactions.

    Now I wonder if pepe can sit on our heads at the same time. We just need a left shoulder pet now and it will be perfect

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