7th Legion: Obviously

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7th Legion: Obviously

When the paragon caches became a reality, I figured that they’d all come naturally as I played the game. So, I cooked up some contracts for myself and my friends. What could it matter?

My fresh warlock got her first paragon cache today. From the 7th Legion. With all other reputations at mid-honored. We knew that the 7th Legion was ahead of the others with the Champions of Azeroth close behind. But, with the assaults adding more quests in each of the foreign zones, the 7th Legion is far far ahead of the others.

The temptation to put a contract out on the lesser guys to help them catch up is there but not the way to go. The contract should be for the 7th Legion — not for the toy or pet rewards but for the 7th Legion medals.

The 7th Legion medals in a paragon cache come with a big twenty. This a relief from the reward of five for an assault or the piddly one (1!) for doing the Darkshore or Arathi world quests.

The list of rewards from the 7th Legion Service Medals is greater than the individual paragon rep caches, so that is the place to focus while we play.

Of specific note is the Captain’s Signet of Command, a 395 ring that offers a teleport back to Boralus. It only makes sense to push for this piece now while the ring’s stats have value. My main is 8 medals away, my new warlock is 100 medals away.

All the above means is that if you are going to use a rep contract, the 7th Legion is the way to go.

4 thoughts on “7th Legion: Obviously

  1. Ooh, I did not consider that. I thought the Champions of Azeroth was the way to go. I just hit Revered with all of them, except 7th Legion, which I am exalted with.

    Thank you for the link 🙂 Goodness, am I reading it right; 750 service medals for the mount!?

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