The Timing of Catch-Ups

“Life must be understood backward. But it must be lived forward ”
Søren Kierkegaard

The Timing of Catch-Ups

On Tuesday we’ll see the next season. There will be lots of stuff happening and a very welcome new raid. Along with this is the unlocking of the AP catch-up mechanic which has been stalled or capped for quite a while.

I don’t understand why the catch-up starts at the beginning of the race. We behinders are already slow. Why didn’t we get to catch up before the race? My warlock still sees the AP bar move while my druid sees a mere sparkle; and that is today, before the catch-up. I feel like I’ll be behind or unequal when we start raiding.

There are three things to report on or think about with the new raid.

First of all, all the new armor from Season Two has a lot more stamina on it. This means that we will be very tender and sore during the first month or so of the raid. I’m guessing that the raid will have a ton of AoE punishment and the healers will have fingers a-flying.

Second is the acceptance of the “bring the class” philosophy. It was a shock in Uldir and I had hoped that they’d stop it. Blizzard Watch has an article called These classes will be must-haves for Battle for Dazar’Alor.

I wish I had known sooner, is it too late to quick-level another class? This is frustrating to no end. Of interest to me was the need for hunters. Too bad my favorite class got shelved in Legion. To Ion, I lift my middle finger.

The insanity continues with Wowhead posting their raid composition tool. I’m serious. New Site Feature – Raid Composition Tool to Track Class Buffs, Debuffs and Utility.

Third of all, well, I don’t have a third. The first and second took all the steam out of me and this article.

Uldir as a raid was pretty horrible. Gone are the days of over-gearing and roflstomping mechanics. Misdirections believes that this next raid is the lynchpin on whether this new raid will make or break the expansion for raiding. I think I’m of the same point of view.

3 thoughts on “The Timing of Catch-Ups

  1. Aw, a quote from my country 🙂

    Shoot, I hope for you and everyone else who raid, that the next raid will be a success.

    It´s sad, how despite such a difference in item level, you still do not feel just a tad OP doing Uldir now.

    That which Class to have for the new raid – thing. I wish I would see more things like, good healing etc. Often it´s the mobility that wins the race these days.

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  2. I loojed at that and only saw warlock once! Oh well, guess I’ll try to shine on that fight as best I can.

    I’m curious, what about uldir made it a bad raid? From my very casual normal raiding eyes, it seemed pretty alright besides the trash before zul and fetid devourer.

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    • Well, it is just my opinion but in some ways consensus; the big need for specific classes to kill the bosses. G’huun needed six orb runners and if they can not solo then they need two players on each orb; so monk, dh and the like were in demand as were two warlocks for their gates. A typical guild raid was not loaded with those specifics so they had to be pugged or you could not do the fight at all. And that is just one example.


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