The Genius of Dazar’alor

“Recycling old buildings to show art is very important.”
Agnes Gund

The Genius of Dazar’alor

When we first entered the raid on Tuesday, everyone was excited. We all hushed and shushed each other was we watched the cutscene. And we all looked around.

I asked if where we were was the actual Horde city and one of our players said, “oh sure” and began telling us where the vendors and flight masters and other things were in the city.

A couple of years ago, Ion in one of his Dev Q&As explained the pacing of expansions and content. He said the thing that took the longest was the artwork, quests and fights and encounters could be done pretty quickly but they needed the artwork.

Blizzard has some of the top-flight talent in the world when it comes to their artwork. Using existing artwork is the key to making a lot more content for us. Ion said that the Brawler’s Guild was a weekend side project for two of his guys and Brawlers is hugely popular.

The artwork for the Battle of Dazar’alor was done before the raid was designed. This is the first time that I can recall when we have entered a raid with a known map and design. At least so far, I’ve only seen four bosses.

This is genius! Blizzard could generate a lot more content quicker, faster and easier by using existing stuff. I accept that our new raid is in a known area but I also want to see an occasional Ulduar too; that place was lovely.

I wonder how long it took to make this raid compared to a typical process of new artwork.

Darkshore and Arathi both got updated but I wonder if it got a complete bottom-to-top overhaul. I think that in many cases we like going to well-known zones to accomplish a task.

So, tonight when we go back into the raid and we are climbing the steps, I plan to stop and look around. Genius, I tell ya.

2 thoughts on “The Genius of Dazar’alor

  1. Oh I didn’t actually think about that, saving development power because the raid happens in an already existing place, clever 🙂 I imagine that made it even more possible to make the city so gorgeous. I haven’t seen much of it, I just play Alliance, but it sure sounds grand. Good luck, HoTs and DoTs and all!


  2. I guess that’s waht happens with warfronts, minimum changes to the original terrain and a brand new experience.

    Not only it saves production costs, but it’s also very engaging for the players to return to the old zones and see something new happening there. I wish we had more raids like that 🙂

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