BfA: Season Two, Week Two

“Danger has a bracing effect.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

BfA: Season Two, Week Two

Now that we have gotten a feel for the changes, it is time to report.

Season Two brings us the much harder mythic plus dungeons. A four Key is pretty hard, depending on the dungeon. Underroot was a last minute failure and, as always, when you get close and lose it is discouraging.

The deal with mythic plus is that a stray step can bring unwanted adds. That seems to be the perpetual problem while trying to be methodical as possible. An extra big add or a bunch of smaller makes one ponder the value and effort because I don’t think that they are very fun. This is not universal, lots of players in my guild love them.

The new raid is open. I am five of nine so far, with a likely six or seven tonight. Healers are used to it but tanks are facing new challenges. Some are thinking that a third tank could make a difference. The swaps due to stacks need perfect timing and excellent communication. Candidly, it is has been a long time since we’ve seen the tanks taking so much heat.

What is your strategy for the 7th Legion Medals? Both of my most active characters have the 395 ring with the very useful port to Boralus. So, are you saving up for the Big Spend on the mount or are you buying your way up on the smaller items with the assumption that eventually we will have too many medals and not enough items?

I’ve yet to spend any Doubloons and find the Titan Risiduum something to not chase.

So many players are shifting to full time Warmode. I have yet to take this step.

The new 3:1 ratio on the raid-earned crafting mats really suck. Cooking is a bitch, man.

Pets and Toys are still arriving from random drops. Our Pet Tab in the guild vault is filling up with Scabbys and Detective Dans.

The initial surge of excitement for higher gear on the first week is softening. We out-gear the Assaults and are rolling the dice on the Emissary daily.

To sum up: the dungeons are the same and the new raid is exciting and fun!

And that is that!

2 thoughts on “BfA: Season Two, Week Two

  1. I’m saving up for the night saber mount 🙂 But it’s the only currency I want to farm. It has suprised me how much flying improves my gameplay joy. No World Quests repetitive stuff without flying.

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