Method: World First

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln

Method: World First

I got sucked in and watched the race. I was on when they downed the boss a few hours ago. Me, watching an esport. It was exciting when they won!

I don’t really watch. They pulled over three hundred times on Jaina. I had it on for an hour yesterday, listening, while I did the dailies. Same thing again today, doing dailies and then flipping when they’d start a run.

The viewing goes up and down. It was between 62,000 and 92,000 watchers. That is the size of a football stadium which sounds pretty good but football games also have home viewers too. Red Bull was one of the sponsors and I remember that. So, they did a good job there.

The announcers call themselves “casters”. It is a bit too cute, but okay. Short for broadcasters with a gaming spin, I guess. They had to fill the time when Method was not doing a run. It was just okay. Because I watch American football a lot, I know that the announcer can make any game pretty good; but a so-so announcer can make even the best game drag.

Remember the MDI when the announcer said that a player was “going ham”? Then everybody started saying “going ham” and I felt that the announcers for the Method run were trying to get some slang stuffed into the raid lingo.

Watching the run itself was very bad. You can’t see anything. The announcers said that Method had to change all of their graphic settings to be able to see the encounter. All of those addons make it look like the stock market channel with way too much info.

Those Method guys are really smart and really good at playing WoW. They super fine-tuned their strategy, even getting their Troll characters for the racial. Every little thing, they worked it out. That part is pretty cool.

I’ve never watched before and I don’t know if I’ll ever watch again. I certainly would not watch second place. But, this time, I did watch and it was fun and exciting.

2 thoughts on “Method: World First

  1. I enjoy watching cutting edge raiding sometimes because it shows me I don’t really want to play at that level.

    I admire the dedication it takes to play at that level though – they’ve made it a career and that is pretty cool. I’m glad that the sponsored eSports from Blizzard have spectator NPCs with a UI custom-made for visibility for the audience, because I can’t imagine seeing all these players with their weird custom UIs and trying to figure it out while watching a higher level of gameplay than I engage in!

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  2. I’ve watched a couple of streams yesterday evening, Method and Exorsus. It was not for long, barely half an hour.

    The key problem to me is that you never know when the end happens. Normal sports have the timing limit (or Starcraft/Hearthstone matches are at least quick), raiding just doesn’t have any. And if they only progressed with each pull – no, they bring Jaina to 12%, the next try everyone dies at 56% – so you’re kinda supposed to watch it for hours and days hoping it happens. No, thanks.

    The whole mythic raiding is a machinery, definitely not the one for me. Just everything I love about the game – fantasy, fun, escapist freedom – is ruined by diminishing to sheer numbers and effectiveness. Idk, it’s like you’re at a Thanksgiving feast, and you don’t enjoy the food, you sit and calculate the precise number of each dish’s nutrition value to be most effective for the organism. Yay, I ate the right number of ounces of every dish! The meal was perfectly balanced, but, um, didn’t you miss the whole thing about it?

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