Warlock: Talent Realized

“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”
Robert Half

Warlock: Talent Realized

I don’t know how many parents that I’ve frustrated after I’ve heard, “My son is very talented”. In my mind, talent is cheap and only suggests potential. Let’s see some work and then we can talk.

The Affliction Warlock is a powerful single-target class. The damage starts low and then builds as the many damage-over-time spells peak and then cook along. The key in sustaining the damage on a raid boss is careful management of these spells and when to refresh them.

Since the newest raid started, I’ve been a weak player but it is getting better and better with experience and learning more everyday. Frankly, I’ve been over-whelmed by all of the new-to-me ways to play.

My initial mistake with to take the full raiding build from the Guide Sites. Hammering away and guessing at buttons, even if they were the best buttons, was giving me some bottom of the pack numbers.

So: I changed my talents. Two of the spells that I would have to track “on cooldown” have been changed to the passive talent.

Agony should be one of my top hitters. I went and got a Weak Aura that will track the spell as a count-down bar so I can refresh it before it is spent. This will keep the spell at top form and not need to ramp up.

Last night we downed seven bosses on Normal. Nothing to brag on that except that we squeezed in seven bosses in three hours (yay us for moving forward quickly). My DPS is now in the top third of the raid! And, I know that I can be a lot better.

My intention is to add another talent that I have to sustain once I have Agony down. This will be a while because it isn’t easy! However, I hope within the next few months to fold in the more active talents as I get control of each new one.

It seems that the Warlock class player needs to have a rhythm, building in a tick-tock motion into the muscle memory so you can look away from the boss for a moment because you know that you know that a spell needs refreshing.

It is a challenge but I am entrenching myself in this new class the best that can within reason!

I remember the faces of my freshman class when I told them that they were all accepted because of their talent in auditions. Then I told them to look around the room and realize that talent is cheap. Let’s get to work.


3 thoughts on “Warlock: Talent Realized

  1. That sounds very much like Shadowpriest use to be like. Learning the fights, knowing a refresh early has to happen because of movement, uptime, uptime, uptime, moar dots. 😃

    If I had that back I would certainly be more comfortable playing. When they added in Void form, it elevated the playstyle to one where having some way to track is a must have. I cannot tell you the level of frustration knowing what I have to do, but being hampered by versatility gear with no haste delaying a refresh by a second, or accidentally hitting one spell and losing just enough that you drop out, only to have to start the build up again.

    Glad you’re doing well with the class.

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  2. I haven’t played Affliction yet in BfA (Demonology is just too shiny for me to ignore) but the maintenance aspect is fun, but can also be very punishing. In Legion it was feast or famine on damage and if you failed at properly refreshing a DoT or using Ulthalesh, you could miss out on a ton of damage. I do like that about it though – mastering it feels very rewarding and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with the class!

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