Heralding WoW

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
Will Rogers

Heralding WoW

There are so many directions that players can go in WoW. There are the main steam things, I guess, like dungeons and leveling and pvp but there is a lot more to do or find in the big game.

There is talk of us trying Herald of the Titans. It is an achievement with strict conditions. Level cap is 80 and there is an armor cap level too. So, here I go! My monk is now level 75. If you know where to go to turn off XP, let me know. I’d hate to not pay attention and ding 81.

Both of my raid teams on Normal are stuck on the Blockade, the boss before the last. We see it on the second night of raiding and try it. Sometimes we drop over to Heroic and look at those bosses. We won’t out-gear the Blockade, we have to do the mechanics. I suppose we’ll get it eventually.

One incredible-to-me offshoot of WoW is the logs. My Warlock is in the middle of the pack and I’m not content. My expectation is much higher for straight-up damage output and I won’t feel good about my play until I unlock this warlock.

The logs can compare you to another player who did a boss who has your same gear and maybe talents. I think that I can link the comparison here. I chose one of the very top warlocks on the list to see the best.

This guy got a lot more Chaos Bolts off, he’s really good. I’m thinking that the key is not casting Chaos Bolt off of cooldown so much as the spells that generate the Chaos Bolts — I need to focus on that.

There is another tool called WowAnaylizer. With this tool, you paste your information from Warcraft Logs and get advice. You can read mine here. Lots of tabs and stuff to root through.

Almost all of my path is to decent muscle memory where I can play without looking at the buttons. Finding that rhythm is key but to do that I need play time. Learning what the spells do is fun.

One gripe that I have is something that I may be missing. I can visit the guides and they show the Sims on the best azerite traits to choose. But I don’t see a clear marker on which ones can stack and which ones can not. I end up googling for the same question that a person has asked on Reddit.

We are not in a lull by any means. However, when raid teams hit a wall or barrier, players begin to look for other things to succeed in; like Herald of the Titans!



9 thoughts on “Heralding WoW

  1. There was a time I could look at my logs and say, ok, I see I need to improve my uptime on maintaining DoTs. I’ve looked at the logs from a few weeks ago, and it was demoralizing. While doing the fights I saw my numbers were say 9700. When I looked at the logs it said 6700. Playing has become so complex with having to sim your character multiple times to choose Azerite traits, and to everything else that it got to a point I just really don’t care anymore. I equip what ever I get that is more than 5 points higher, I enchant everything with Haste, and I just struggle through. I have an add on that assigns point values to Azerite traits to let me know which to pick. I don’t even bother reading them.

    As far as herald goes, really research it. I know over the years it’s had some tweaks, mostly due to two stat squish’s and gear iLvL adjustments.

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  2. Stormwall Blockade is definitely the worst boss in the raid in terms of walling progress. We took more pulls to get them down than Jaina (which we got last night after about 8 total pulls), because the early phase demands really proper execution and the add/puddle cleanse mechanic is a bit unclear. We found that if we can get the main boss to around 8% before he maxes out energy, we can win, and that is good enough to move on with!

    The Herald of the Titans achievement sounds like it would be fun to do now, especially since you can see and play with Algalon’s mechanics outside of the confines of the strict limits you would have had back in the day.

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  3. The NPC you need to turn off XP, for the Alliance go to Stormwind Keep, the to the war room, look for Behsten, he is a little invisible and you need to get close to see him.

    For the Horde look for Slahtz, she is in Valley of Honor, Hall of the Brave, and she is a little invisible too.

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  4. Good luck on the achievement! I did it back when it was content and it was challenging but a lot of fun. I wonder if racials and potentially scaling will make it different.

    As for the output, I still recommend proving grounds. For me, at least, there’s just something about staying on your toes while also managing your output that sticks to my muscle memory.

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