Stormwall Down

“I have no organizational skills. All my energy goes into worry – worrying takes a lot of energy.”
Rita Rudner

Stormwall Down

On Tuesday night, we downed this tough boss. Even after the hotfixes of that day to nerf the encounter, we struggled and said bad words. It took us about ten pulls, I’d guess, to finish it. Yay.

It is a fight that must be learned in stages. The boat fight first and then the fight on the dock which, as we learned, has an escalating demand on the player’s ability.

It is a movement based fight, you have to be quick on your feet, which is punishing for casting players like the warlock. We are told to “turn and burn” the add but have to skip to the side and then three steps forward to then get a cast off before dashing back to our stack point.

We had the lock out and the plan to dedicate the evening to Stormwall. We then got a few peeks at the Jaina encounter. There was some talk of saving the lock out on Jaina forever and simply hopscotching past Stormwall from now on.

It is too complicated, I complained. There are too many spells to react to if you are a tank, healer or dps. But, I suppose I should eat my complaints now that we have downed it. Unlike other learned bosses, I don’t think this is on farm!

So: progress. That is all we can ask for when we are raiding. The wings are designed like steps up to the top with each container having it’s own special hurdle. Opulence, Coven and Stormwall seem to be the three; with Stormwall being the crowning jewel of design, uh, talent.

It is not a victory lap so much as one of relief.

Go team go.

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