All Over Azeroth

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

All Over Azeroth

Knowing that 8.1.5 will bring three new pets to the Dark Moon Faire (non-combat balloons, I think), I checked my currency via Altoholic and found that Verity has over 700 tickets. Who is Verity? I check the two realms I play on. Finally, I think to scroll! Why it’s my 110 Void Elf, leveled and long forgotten.

Fallenpetal, my monk, dinged 80 today! She is lining up to tackle the Herald of the Titans achievement. Big thanks to Minimalistway of Video Game Tourist for pointing me to where one turns off XP. Now I can do some gearing without fear of stepping past the experience line.

Saving and farming materials, finally having enough flasks to make four Mystical Cauldrons: the anticipation was there. Drum roll please.
Ugh, zero procs. What a dumb game.

One key to big time dps from a Destruction Warlock is spamming Incinerate and Conflagrate. The first is not a “filler” it is a workhorse! Sustaining high numbers over ten minutes is all about getting the most out of those two spells.

There is a mild drop of interest in the LFR scene which means that Satchels are back and much more common! If you are a healer or tank, it is worth it to wait until the possibility arrives. Almost 1000g and three Runes for something you’d do anyways.

I came “this close” to getting our raid team to help farm Meaty Haunch for thirty minutes. Packing the quest zone near Hangman’s Point would be a great help in making feasts for raiding. I watched them run like cockroaches when the kitchen light turns on. Cowards, each and every one of them!

Happy Hunting!

And … may all your hits … be crits!


3 thoughts on “All Over Azeroth

  1. 700 tickets you forgot all about! What a nice surprise 🙂 Oooh, more pets. I am saving for the popcorn toy first though! But I shall name the balloon Pop!

    Oh thanks for the headsup about satchel, I have begun LFR´ing again, great new raid 🙂

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  2. I saw Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack in BMAH, it was only 19k, did mythic HFC raid with a random group and went back to BMAH and i found it for 36k, bid on it, and at last minute someone bid higher than me … bah, the Faire is fun but farming those tickets takes months.

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