Patch 8.1.5

“Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.”
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Patch 8.1.5

Many are looking forward to the new Allied Races. My understanding is that on patch day that they should be available immediately. There is much focus on the racials and whether we should all raid on these new classes.

Opinion: while the new allied classes are great fun, it feels horrible to think of abandoning a beloved character with a ten year history to get a smallish boost or some fancy heritage armor or a strange post-modern dance move. I do not want to hear, “If you are still playing night elf, then you are doing it wrong.”

As I recall, we will have a 50 character limit on our realms. We will still have a 50 character cap on our account but our realm has a sister realm that is connected and there are over-flow characters over there. This won’t be necessary any more.

As I recall, we will have a vendor to buy a resource cache. This way if your most-often played character has a lot, a cache can be bought and mailed to an alt. Now, if the mission board could bring a profit of some kind, I’d be excited.

We will still be stuck with our mythic plus keys. Having run them each week, everyone in our group either gets Kings Rest or the one with the rotating electric gates. I can’t help but believe that our beloved devs are pushing these unpopular dungeons in the hope that we will fall in love with them.

One of the bigger things that we’ll get are profession quest lines. I watched a PTR video of the engineering one and it looked fun. What could not be shown was the reward and if that reward was any good. Will this be something special or merely cosmetic?

It is a small-ish patch but change is always welcome!



4 thoughts on “Patch 8.1.5

    • I get the excitement. I’ve seen quite a few in guild anxious to get their new races to play. I’m old and boring. I have one character. The other 6 are bank Alts. I’ve tried other classes, at a certain level the commitment to gearing and perfecting gets to be to much for me and I walk away from them. I’m not who the game is designed for.

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  1. On the casuals said, alts is the end game 🙂 on the patch you’ll see so many druids because of the different forms, wicker and dino every where, also alliance gets a new shaman race, while i like allied races, my main is still human.

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