Portal Rooms are Ugly

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

Portal Rooms are Ugly

Can you guess which portal this is?


It’s Iron Forge!

If you take this portal, you can’t get back. You’d have to tram or fly to Stormwind. If you took the Stormwind one, you could get back. Some portals have returns and others do not.

There is a LOT being said about portals right now. Maybe it’s like moving troops to the border so we all talk about that instead of children in cages. We blog and post on forums about our fury at portals when we might be asking other, more pointed, questions about the state of game play.

I am mostly okay with change. If Blizzard needs to clean up their design, then now is a pretty good time to do it. As long as it doesn’t create confusion. That is my concern.

I’m old! I’m an old player! When we were taking our love letters to the kings in each capital during this past holiday, I had to remember that taking the portal to Exodar meant that there was a portal to Darnassus right there. Will it still be there on Tuesday? That is the only time I take those portals, during that holiday.

And portal rooms are ugly. Where will this portal room be in Stormwind? Do I have to fly to the throne room? Have mercy on me if I have to ride on the ground, Stormwind is a human capital and it is crowded and tiny and twisty and turny.

As of this writing, at this moment, I can’t recall how to get to Outland. I have an engineering portal, which I tend to use if I want to get there. But I don’t remember where there is a portal. Maybe if it is in this massive portal room in Stormwind, then that’d be my first easy choice in how to get there.

The World of Warcraft is huge! Expansions upon expansions. When I read “world quests” in the pre-launch of Legion, I was stoked to think I’d be flying over to Tanaris or Grizzly Hills to kill a rare dragon. I want them to use all of their art assets. This is a big game, it is daunting to me when I return to Draenor and try to think hard about where the Black Rock Foundry is because it’s been a while.

If this new portal room cleans up confusion and is the first best place to go to travel, then we’ll get used to it. Maybe even set our hearth at the inn right next door to the portal room.

On the other hand, if I get lost and can’t find how to get where I want to go: I’ll be unhappy.

5 thoughts on “Portal Rooms are Ugly

  1. Then there will be the one time you want to go someplace and think, oh yeah, I can take the portal from there to get to that zone and just fly over, only to fly to your start and realize they removed the portal, then you try to recall how else to get there. In the end those people that really never say anything will be frustrated, and either get use to it, or just not bother with the content.

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  2. For Alliance, it’s in the mage tower where the Boralus portal currently is, so no real forced adaptation there. Think the Horde get a new room location rather than the Drag, so it might be trickier for them.

    Agree on the consolidation – when they announced the portal room, I was pretty stoked thinking it would merge everything into one nice, usable space. The choices on what portals remain and which ones have been nixed are contentious to me, because I loved my Caverns of Time portal and I’m genuinely baffled at the Azsuna portal taking the place of Legion Dalaran, but otherwise, it’s not that bad. The communication around it and waiting until a bit over a week before the patch to tell us the portals being removed is a bit of a poor choice, though – and where much of my frustration comes from, personally.

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    • Too much gets datamined from the PTR and released by 3rd party sites before they can let us know. Of course there is a lot they just release without a word too.

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      • This is I think the key – they often do a good job of communicating the big, high level content (new timewalking event for WoD! New war campaign quests!) but fail to communicate the smaller changes. The new blue post on the portal topic illustrates that they planned the change for a while, and seems to imply to me that they just didn’t feel a need to communicate it until the original forum post exploded, at which point damage control began.

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  3. I thought about holidays too.

    And my Darnassus portal…

    And my Dream walk. But it’s my observation that the Druids and Mages win this.

    I still do not see the harm in just moving the already existing portals to the new portal room and make everyone happy.

    It does occur to me also, that only “ready for BfA” players can have access to it all, like the Ironforge portal.

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