Raiding with Leashes Begins!

“The dog is the god of frolic.”
Henry Ward Beecher

Raiding with Leashes Begins!

I’m glad that I have some Alts. The three raids; Heart of Fear, Endless Terrace and the Mogu Vaults, can be run on two difficulties per character. Either the LFR or the Normal/Heroic versions.

So far, I’ve only done it on Normal and in a lazy way.

Yesterday, my hunter ran them and go no pets but a lot of gear to sell! New tmogs to my appearance tab too. Make sure that you have a ton of bag space.

My Druid ran the three this morning and got two from Fear and one from the Mogu Vaults.

My other hunter just ran Endless Terrace and got a pet also; he’s yet to visit the other two. Hunters like the talent Barrage for the old raids.

Here is Comet, the pet drop from Elegon. He is playful and likes to roll on his back. It is hard to see but his shape is quillan.


10 thoughts on “Raiding with Leashes Begins!

  1. Oh you have Comet, i’m jealous! 🙂 i think i have 4 or 5 pets now, from heroic and LFR, still didn’t take my alts to do the raids, so hopefully one of them will get Comet, i need that pet.

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  2. I was a little surprised..Either the drop rate is quite high on them or I just got super luck but it on took 3 characters to get them all. It did eat up a signifficant amount of time running both Normals and LFR though.

    Sadly, or not so much for those that hate farming them, they do not seem to be netting a high price on the AH for the extras I got. This leeds me even more to think the drop rate may be quite good for them.

    Good luck on capturing them all!

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