Raiding with Leashes: Done

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou

Raiding with Leashes: Done

There was a chill in the air last night. We cancelled our raid. I’ve been with these guys since Mists of Pandaria and this has not happened. We have two tanks and two back-up tanks, all four were missing in action. Chilling.

Raiding with Leashes is done! It took ten characters. It may seem like a lot but the Endless Terrace was done quickly. Then it was the second boss in Heart and the final boss in Mogu for the final two pets.

The LFR version is quickest because there is no travel. The LFR is broken too. I put in bug reports. After the “take your trinkets” boss dies and Cho pushes the button; nothing happens. In Heart, it is after the giant bug where you shoot his legs; the boss after that does not show up.

I even took my tailor. This guy has very full bags with all kinds of tailoring stuff. He is parked in the garrison to gather materials for bag making. I’d shift click on each boss to see if the pet had dropped. Imagine my surprise when the Postmaster sent me all of the loot by mail!

The final pet to get was in the Heart of Fear, second boss. It was on a weak 110 with little gear on a realm with no guild. If you don’t knock down the boss fast, you end up with tornados whooshing down the room and sending you back. Nope, I still can’t do that stuff. I got lucky, I guess but I kept trying and hoping for the enrage timer to finish it. But I got him and the achieve dinged on a lonely realm far away.

There is a quest below decks on the mission table boat to go find Feathers in Tanaris. He needs your help in many ways. I have the engineering portal to Gadgetzan and forgot to pick up more Niffenflogger elixirs. This turns out to be a nice pet and he is big!

All in all, a fun night. I got to collect a bunch of new tmog looks, I earned several thousand gold on each run and I got to play on some old yet beloved characters that I’d not seen in a while.


11 thoughts on “Raiding with Leashes: Done

  1. Finished today as well. Terrace took the longest though 😀
    But LFR isn’t bugged. Since the raids are split in two, you can’t just simple walk into the second wing. It’s intended that the raid stops after those two bosses and you have to sign up for the second part

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  2. Ah the mechanical parrot, that was fun as my wife got a little ahead of me and had headed to Old Dalaran to grab the Caverns of Time port……Explicit language not mentioned. So she used her Tol Barad tabbard, got to Org, we both went through the Uldum portal, and I flew us the 5 or so minutes across Tanaris, and tagged everything is sight as the area was flooded with people tagging mobs to complete the quest. She tabbed out while the parrot flew us all over, and we went back to Zul by way of the Shrine to Org to the New Portal room. Travel has gotten a bit more complex. Not only does it take longer to fly some place since the portals were removed, you need to spend a few minutes trying to figure out what is the fastest way to get there.

    We started out Pandaria raid clears, did Terrace Heroic, Moshugon Vaults Heroic, and instead of HoF, we cleared Siege on Mythic. There was a lot of running around, in the end, two pets for me, 1 for her, a couple of recipes for her leather worker, and so many appearances for both.

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  3. Feathers is about its creators, a goblin Grizzek and a gnome Saffy (they are a thing). Gallywix made them explore azerite potential in Golden’s book, almost killed them in the end, and now he sent the Horde character to kill them. Gazlowe secretly pays us not to do it) It’s a very engaging story, so Feathers is but a tip of an iceberg.

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