Dev Q&A: Bravo!

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
Walt Disney

Dev Q&A: Bravo!

Yesterday gave us a new look from Ion and Lore. Finally we see condenser Lavalier microphones, a two or three camera shoot with a mini-switcher for Lore to fiddle about with just a little too much.

It is almost watchable! Brother Lore is making the rookie mistake of over-switching his cameras but it was such an improvement that I felt better about the boys trying so hard to put on a show.

And it was darned entertaining. Kaylriene has a short re-cap with a long title, A Short, Cherry-Picked Recap of the March 21st Live Q&A. Do you think Kay is trolling us bloggers with these long titles to tag?

Kaylriene has a very nice recap that is funny to read as well and a good solid look. Stop by and read the comments also.

So, the best question was “how do you measure fun?”. I loved it because it was nestled inside our suspicion that they are building the game based on MAUs and trying to pound in repeatable content.

I remember reading Ion’s response in the reddit thing and when he mentioned fun there, it jumped out too. I’m not surprised people picked up on it.

Winning is fun.
Beating the loot out of a boss is fun.
Turning into a giant rolling ball of fire and killing 1000 gnomes is fun.
Flying over a large group and dropping poop is fun.
Being powerful at heroic proportions is fun.
A group dance party is always fun, we need more of that.
Almost everyone likes blowing bubbles and childlike wonder.

If I could get them to read MY blog, I’d repeat again that we want others to see us having fun. It is a big world and we need a central meeting place. We love to show off all of the fun things that they put in the game.

All in all, it was a pretty good Dev Q&A. There wasn’t much hard news but I enjoyed watching the boys!


4 thoughts on “Dev Q&A: Bravo!

  1. I thought that the Q&A was pretty good and even seemed a bit upbeat for a change and not as snarky as it has been of late. Newsworthiness was not real big, once again, however, it was a change in the manner that they did this one. I did enjoy it.

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