Silas’ Sphere of Something Something

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
George S. Patton

Silas’ Sphere of Something Something

My first alchemist finished the Tools of the Trade questline last night. That included four dungeons which I checked the box for normal and heroic to get the final pieces to make it. Imagine my grumpiness going into a dungeon for profession items!

To be honest, I did Motherlode (pardon the non-caps) with a guildie who had the Blacksmithing quest — we two-manned it on normal easily, got the parts and bailed from there.

The item does two things:

Once every hour it can be clicked on for a use — maybe a transformation or an endless health potion. The most interesting is a much better chance on proc when making pots, flasks or cauldrons. This puts you in a position of wanting to make a lot all at once and also hoping or waiting for that on-use to happen.

The second is that a cauldron may show up in the open world. It can be seen on the mini-map but not the main map. I ran all over Stormsong Valley for about twenty minutes and found one. It gave me a strength flask.

I won’t say that it is useless. Instead I’ll say that it is barely useful. At this stage in the expansion, I’m not running about zones much at all. Emissary and, not too often, assaults are all the bring me to the zones.

When we have flying, I can imagine hunting cauldrons but that patch is a long ways away.

It needs to be a little more fun.

I am part way through the Inscription quests. It would appear that the Blood Contracts give me a little icky body guard for an hour or so. Again, I have almost no need to spend time in the zones. These ideas seem to be coming at the wrong time!

Courage, my friends, the designers are trying!

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