WoW: Thinking about April

“Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.”
Thomas Carlyle

WoW: Thinking about April

A new month is upon us and thankfully April Fools is a day away. I’ve done some hijinks in my time but today the best I have is: “your shoe is untied” and then saying “April Fools!” before you look down.

Sunday will bring us the Dark Moon Faire. I’ll want to try the new roller coaster and pick up the non-combat balloon pets. These will be balloons in animal shapes and I think a magical pet biscuit might be pretty great.

My raiding characters are at 397 and 402, out-gearing the Darkshore event. Even with running mythic keys, that cache has been no friend of mine! Upgrades will be in bits and pieces, looking for the war- or titan-forged pieces. Most bosses on heroic BoD require some dps push at very clear points:

  1. The first boss can be zerged, kinda. We use three tanks and pop hero on the pull. We do shift to the adds and then back, but never return to the adds but finish the boss off.
  2. The second boss needs mucho focus on the Monk. After the barrier comes down at the end, we pop hero to kill the Monk before we get the Multi-strike mechanic. It feels to me like a do or die situation, surviving that mechanic is hard!
  3. The third boss, the big monkey needs to be downed before the fifth, I think?, Death Knell. The healers work overtime on this fight.
  4. The four boss is tricky. There is a strategy that we don’t do where the entire raid goes right down the hallways very fast and then zergs and deals with the aftermath of the other hallway boss. We don’t do that, we do both hallways and simply survive and then balance the kill for both sides. Then, on Opulence, we pop hero on the first adds; again, we can’t survive if we dink around too long on the kill.

I’m thinking that four more weeks of Artifact Knowledge and the other shorty raid will gear us up enough to face the demands of the next bosses on heroic. The Conclave is a big hurdle and some raid teams are defined by clearing that boss.

This is not quite a lull, really. But I’m leveling a horde toon now to see the other side of the story. This guy is poor, so I’m doing some herbing to sell on the AH. I do want to buy all the toys and pets that are on the horde side and that will be spendy. Yep, it is a burn to be reminded that the AH Bronto does not change with factions.

For me, this is also the time to start targeting specific toys by looking at the unlearned in the toy box and researching where to go and how to find.

All of the above should keep me busy and enjoying playtime through the month of April!

3 thoughts on “WoW: Thinking about April

  1. The Aprils Fool were hilarious, I loved them πŸ™‚ Oh new raid already, gosh, I am out of loop. Thanks for the update! I hope the horde side treats you well πŸ™‚


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