BfA: Balloon Pets

“I used to get a shiver if I thought about holding balloons, because I was scared of floating away.”
Fiona Apple

BfA: Balloon Pets

Good morning!

Because the patch dropped in mid-month, we’ve not been to the Dark Moon Faire to see and get the new things.

The roller coaster is fun, at least for one ride. It costs a ticket and gives the WHEEE! buff.

The three new non-combat pets are balloons! A horse, murloc and wolf; fun and cheap at only 90 tickets each. The vendor is the guy pushing the cart up and down the road (Carl), I had to look around for him but you won’t have to guess.

Using Narcissa’s Mirror will ground your balloon, sadly. I had hoped for a giant ME to be floating along over my head. The pet biscuit does work to make it huge. I added one of them to my favorites list so the /rfp will call it out now and then.

Side Note: If you do want a giant you floating along; I’d suggest a fish pet with the bubble, Narcissa’s Mirror and a magical pet biscuit. It is so huge, it is ridiculous.


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