Back to the Garrison

“You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn it.”
Harvey Mackay

Back to the Garrison

Candidly, I’ve never left my WoD Garrison. I have three tailors who do the missions for the resources to buy the materials to make the hexweave bags. It is mindless and I have been doing this for years now.

Selling some sure-sold bags on the AH or throwing five into our guild vault for those in need is satisfying.

Lately, I’ve been dropping my Alts down to the garrison and then back to the Snug Harbor Inn for two things: the rep medallion and the tmog gear.

For the rep medallion, it gives 1000 rep to all WoD factions. I’m stacking them in our prize tab for some poor soul who has to do pathfinder to fly in Dreanor. They do sell okay but my motive is more for gifting and to help a hurdle in the game that should be long gone.


The tmog gear, I’ve just started looking at. I ran those dungeons, back in the day, on LFR, Normal and Heroic on my mail and leather characters. Now I have cloth toons and plate toons who can visit the mission board.

The deal with the mission board is that it knows what you have done. So, my plate wearer has never entered any WoD dungeon and gets Normal gear. My mail and leather toons are offered mythic level gear.


I really don’t know if this is smart or stupid. I’ll check it out for a while. You can get a neck piece which is not a tmog thing but it still sells for 20g. The “time spent” is almost nothing with hearthstones right to the mission board.

Quick Poll: Am I nuts? Should I just go run the darn dungeons?

5 thoughts on “Back to the Garrison

  1. I say do what ever you feel like doing. Occasionally I will run through an old raid just to do it. I don’t focus on getting specific drops, or to make a pile of gold, it’s just something to do for fun. Granted the Pandaria raids do drop a decent amount of gold. But it won’t be tied to RNG drops.

    And sort of like you, I visit my Garrison every time I log in to collect resources and place cloth work orders. Bags are a decent profit for minimal effort.

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  2. I wish I had the discipline to manage through that – when I was doing weekly Mythic Blackrock Foundry farming, I would run through mission boards at that time, but I’ve not so much as looked at profession buildings since WoD ended. It also is odd since I have two really well-built, all level-3 garrisons (switched main halfway through!) and they have profession buildings.

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  3. After Allied Races were announced, I returned my Tailors to their Garrisons and did the Garrison Tailoring Hut dance for long enough to get enough Hexweave Bags for my planned Highmountain Tauren alts. Then I was burned out on it again.

    I thought I’d remembered that the Medallion of the Legion also gave rep with the Ashran PvP faction. Either that only works up to Revered, or that aspect of its functionality got turned off when Legion went live, however, because when I tried recently to use a Medallion of the Legion with the intent of increasing my Ashran PvP faction rep (hey, I like their tabard), it didn’t work. All of the character’s other Draenor reps went up, but nothing happened to her Ashran PvP faction rep (which was just barely into Revered).

    For much of Legion, I kept sending my characters back to their Garrisons each Tuesday for follower recruiting at the Inn, until finally it just felt too pointless and tedious. I did persist long enough to get all of the female Horde Mages for Kaelinda, all of the female Alliance Mages for Kaylynda, and all of the Tauren and Horde Shamans for Kamalia, though I think it took me until sometime in early Battle for Azeroth to get the last of Kamalia’s followers!

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  4. I do the same thing! Well, minus the tailors. It´s a relaxed way to earn a little gold, I don´t care if its not “min max” profit. 🙂

    “You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn it.” – hah, that´s simply not true /stares at Thorium Brotherhood and the Auction House 😀

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