Jeremy Feasel and Patch 8.2

“I think they should have a Barbie with a buzz cut.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Jeremy Feasel and 8.2

The live stream was today. I sat back, crossed my arms and sniffed. I had my Cynic Hat on but really, I have to admit now that I’m pretty excited about this next patch.

Jeremy Feasel is Muffinus. You see him all over the game like in the Darkmoon Faire and the WQ about the muffin stealer. He is also busy on twitter with his hints about the WoW secrets. Popular guy, good choice.

We were loaded down with information about the new raid, dungeons, zones, islands, mounts and more. And we got pictures and movies. I want to know what will happen in the story and how will we get there.

They could, at least, have given him a chair.

I think that central to all of this is that we will get flying. Flying will up the enjoyment of exploring new zones and our old zones. The first thing that I always do is to take a tour, usually a waterfall that I’ve been looking at from the ground for a year.

There is some hesitation on my part about the zeal of “collect them all!”. That made me step back; whether it was legendary status on my neck piece or collecting punch cards for a trinket or a new follower guy who needs 30 levels and stuff. Will this be fun or busy work?

8.2 appears to be loaded with content. It is not quite a whole new expansion but there is a lot. Revamped zones are okay to a point but we will get all new stuff with new artwork.

Exciting times! Someday. Maybe a few months from now. Woo hoo!

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Feasel and Patch 8.2

  1. I don’t know. Building a base, 3 followers to raise 30 levels, visitors with quests. Sounds kinda like the garrison. More grinding on the necklace, thought it was going to cap out, but now goes to at least 65 or more, that’s Legion legendary, Essences from PvP, Raiding, World quests, I don’t think you will get all you need from just doing one thing. Probably will need to raid, Mythic dungeons, Island Expeditions, World quests, and PvP.

    I have a suspicion with the parachute comment on mounts that flying is about to get dangerous. It’s a lot of stuff, and it feels like it will take a great deal of time.

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