BfA: All Kinds of Things

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
Charles Bukowski

BfA: All Kinds of Things

Both of our raid teams are stuck at the Conclave. The heroic version adds some frogs that stun and the raptor adds can enrage and get super fast. We pugged in a couple of people to fill our team.

One guy gave us a lecture and it wasn’t a stern thing but one of philosophy. He explained that raid rooms are laid out with a purpose. The designers put elements in the room for you to key off or use or notice. If you think back, you will remember using design elements in a room but thinking of them as convenience more than a specific thing placed for the players by the designers. If that makes sense.

I pulled my camera back and tipped it. See that big design thing dead center? That is where we tank the active mini-boss to be killed. The round spots on the floor are for a ranged person to bait the frogs so they don’t stun the entire raid. We don’t need those markers but they are handy for this screenshot.

In the future, I’ll be looking for clues when I enter new raid rooms.


Leveling on the Horde side is fantastic! Learning about the Loa (and choosing one, I chose Pak’u) is far more entertaining than hunting down witches in Drustvar. At 114 now, I worry about missing important stuff.

My goal on the Horde side was initially to earn the rep to get the pets and toys but that has changed. Still, I am actively mining and herbing to make gold. I’m poor! AND the AH Bronto does not show up for my horde character! Dear Elune, I am poor.

The Tools of the Trade: Alchemy is pretty good. You can now find random Boiling Cauldrons in the open zones for a chance at a flask or potion; these are pretty rare but when we can fly, I’ll farm.

The Alchemy piece is to be clicked on. You can get an Eye that will jump you to a flight path (and you are given choices). You can get a never-ending health pot to use and reuse. There is another, which I forget. And you can get a buff that will allow you extra procs when making your stuff. I have heard of +16 procs! The only downside is waiting for the buff since it is a chance every hour. I might log in to check after this blog post.

After a quick poll, no one has researched the new raid opening this week. We will all look in on Tuesday. The loot tables are very small, I have only two pieces possible per boss. I read that the second boss will be on par with the Jaina fight — so, mechanic heavy and possible wipes late in the game.

Some new scenery in a new raid will be fun. Since that AOTC for BoD will be a long time from now, I’m relaxed and eager to go tromp around some new digs.

I hope everyone did the breadcrumb to the Crucible of Storms quest. It was fantastic. Great voice acting, cut scenes and more.


Who needs tmog when you have toys? The Chef’s Hat can be macro’d too.

6 thoughts on “BfA: All Kinds of Things

  1. I certainly hope you aren’t stuck on Conclave as long as we were – we just finally got our first kill this last week after around 80 wipes. The worst part is that you have to learn every boss piece by piece, so lots of the later wipes are going to be adding mechanics from the later bosses and getting used to them, especially since Akunda’s avatar adds lots of bad stuff to deal with during Paku’s Wrath. It felt good to beat, though, and while I don’t want every fight to be that, it was nice to feel a real sense of accomplishment when we finally got it!

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    • Whoo hoo, grats to you! Now I’m scared, we’ve had under 20 pulls or less, I would guess.
      But, I will say to the team, “lets learn this boss by boss and let it come together” instead of our own hope of simply making it to the end alive. Thanks for the comment and perspective.

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  2. Ohh how interesting, I will be sure to pay closer attention to rooms from now on, that’s for sure.

    I wish you luck ahead!

    I just changed professions and now have herbalism and alchemy. There is a long way to go.

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