BfA: 8.2 Data Mining

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”
Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett” (Arthur Conan Doyle).

BfA: 8.2 Data Mining

It is a flood of information. Sifting through all that stuff is something I won’t do as is my habit when facing a new patch. For one thing, the release is very far away and anything I might pick up will be long forgotten.

I want to look at patches with hope, not dread. There should be things that I am looking forward to with excitement. I do not want to see my class nerfed and they are messing around with Druids.

To “find the fun” in data mining, I look for the new toys and pets. So far the toys seem to mostly play music or sound like the ocean. I’ve not seen the data mining on pets yet, let’s hope for another Egbert.

We have been promised, as I recall, new cooking recipes and new profession recipes. Best guess is some material that drops in the new zones to make identical cooking foods or feasts. I hope that the creative guy who came up with Feast of Fishes is still working for WoW.

So, in that light, I see nothing to anticipate. I don’t see (yet) a pet that I want to get on the first day. It is a big patch and for sure I’m excited to see new zones and quests and all of that stuff.

The Mount Equipment debacle has yet to be ironed out. The players in the forums are furious! It is not a good idea and it needs a ton of work, this is a revamping of the water walking mount to normalize it across all mounts. I’d like to see options like insta-mount or speed boost and you can bet that I’m using my Suggestion Box daily.

This Mount Equipment debacle, I’m afraid that they will not listen the people and do what they want.

I’m still dinking around with the Doomsayer’s Robes toy and the Magical Pet Mirror toy. Yesterday I posted that it was Narcissa’s Mirror by mistake, I went back and edited it.

One pet that I wanted was Lil Ben’fon, a baby bronto pet. My now 114 hordie found and did the quests but was astonished that you have to pay for the pet, a whopping 300 polished pet charms: thankfully they are account-bound and could be mailed from my alliance toon.

The Doomsayers/Pet Mirror combo is hilarious on Lil’ Ben’fon! The placard is huge! When you walk, you can’t see the pet so it kind of rocks back and forth as you move.

I used it while herbing. It’d disappear when mounted and then come back when dis-mounted. I was very entertained!




3 thoughts on “BfA: 8.2 Data Mining

    • On the Alliance side there is a pet vendor in the inn at Millstone Hamlet – here you will find some toys too like the Mechanical Mouse. In Drustvar near Fallhaven, there is a “hidden” pet vendor that will open through a series of quests including those with the creepy girl Abby and buying chocolates for the lost kid at Anyport (this has about six pets that are all creepy).
      On the horde side, in the main city you find a big bronto named Old Something; turn around and go down one flight of stairs and then follow the dirt path on the right to the pet vendor.
      Also, you can win five or six pvp pet battles to get a mission at the table, this will give you access to the opposite faction’s pets via a “shady” dealer. I had all the horde pets already except Lil’ Ben’fon.


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