The Cheese of King Rastakan

“As cynical as I can be, there’s always a part of me that believes in love and the fairy tale.”
Lily James

The Cheese of King Rastakan

We spent the evening on the heroic version of King Rastakan. No, we did not get him down. We never saw stage four. Learning stage one and two was a breeze but when the raid is split up all of the new mechanics kicked our butt.

There is a pretty neato strategy with the Death Doors. On normal, you make sure one is placed in the middle-ish so that players can run through the door to clear their stacks. On heroic, we made a triangle of doors; anyone in the triangle is safe because the doors eat up the rolling balls! You don’t have to move at all.

I’m guessing that we’ll make another safe zone for stage four but we didn’t get there at all. We are rocking back and forth on whether to save this as a lock-out or let the raid reset next week so that we can get Conclave gear. Yeah, that.

There is a long and solid tradition in theater. After the show, the stage manager says “good show, everyone, thank you”. This is said even when the show was a disaster because of lots of reasons. One, you don’t blame everyone for a failure. Two, it is a thank-less job working behind the scenes. And so on, it is the professional way.

After our raid, we got lectured on higher DPS and I logged out. We can talk DPS in private conversations or some other time but not after a three hour effort. All I wanted was a gracious “thank you” in the context of progress yet failure. The effort is there. I know that our leaders are not professional game leaders, it is all a-okay. It doesn’t bother me but I’m not going to hang around and hear it after we’ve been dismissed. Y’know?

BoD is better than Uldir by far. Do you think that they design it that way? It can’t be that it is new to them and that they are learning. What about the next raid in 8.2? Will it be awesome or a burden or a mis-fire or cool creative mechanics? I tell ya, I kind of yearn for a pop-hero-stand-and-burn boss. Just one. Something that we can feel cocky about.

So: here we are. Midway through heroic feels about right.


One thought on “The Cheese of King Rastakan

  1. The more I think about it, the more sure I am; my joy from raids are enhanced if they take place outside. Or at least part of them do. It just feels less “claustrophobic” and nicer, to be able to scroll out as far as you´d like.

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