Finding the Fun in WoW

“And moonbeams and fairy tales
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.”

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

Finding the Fun in WoW

Both of my raid teams have now downed heroic Conclave and have gotten some pulls in on the King. In both cases I tried to pressure the raid leader to save the lock-out so that we can move on and not face that set of mini-bosses again. I would be reminded that the hunters really (really) want that bow from Conclave.

Here is the deal. I got kinda suckered by the data-mining and excited about patch 8.2. But, it is not around the corner, it is way down the road. We are designed to be in BoD for a long time still.

There is a strategy of desperation where you save the lock-out and progress forward a boss at a time with one kill per boss. We are not there yet and I need to be reminded of that! Starting over at 1 and working our way through the known is typical raiding.

And the fun in that style of raiding is that you spend time with your raid team. Now easy bosses can support chatting and laughing and joking. We are strong, we know our stuff and if we fail; we know it was us not paying close attention. The focus and attention can ratchet up on the hard bosses and that is good too.

Finding the fun in WoW sometimes surprises me. I wondered why I’d fish for hours (I watch old movies or sports) but I do know that the fun is dropping a feast for my comrades. This is one reason that I think the achievement system is brilliant as it flashes for your guild.

I don’t farm tmog but I can see finding the fun in that. It can be tedious running things but the pay off is worth it. I know because I have the wasp-wing shoulders from black rock foundry!

Finally, one has to give a nod to Alunaria. She doesn’t go find the fun in WoW, she goes out and makes her own fun. That is pretty cool.

Happy hunting!

4 thoughts on “Finding the Fun in WoW

    • Type o and then the bottom tab will have “raid”. It will show your progress and you can choose to use that when you enter the next week after reset. Some raiders have an alt that can use their lock out, let the raid enter, then switch back to their main.
      So, the guy using the lock out has to be the first one to enter the raid. This way you can reset the raid to your past progress or even for one boss, like normal mekkatorque for a chance at the mount (then everyone exits and resets instance for heroic). It is not unusual for a raider to join a pug early and then have the raid team start at his progress.
      I hope that makes sense!

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  1. That quote πŸ™‚

    Thank you, I think you would have liked to safe Little Wing β™₯ Farming for old transmogs is something I enjoy a lot, especially if I am not hunting for something specifically. Then any drop is just a bonus, and nothing frustrated about something not dropping!

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