Suggestion Box: Lore Quests

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
Dr. Seuss

Suggestion Box: Lore Quests

Questing is the foundation of our game. With it we learn a story, gain reputation and experience points and rewards. I’ve been using the Suggestion Box lately because I want more.

Ion says that the biggest thing that slows down content creation is the artwork. And, we’ve seen things like the Brawler’s Guild created that used no new artwork. It is a brilliant thing and, perhaps, easily done.

My Quest Log is empty. I know that there are some quests scattered about still because I’ve seen them when running by and I’ll go back and visit them. But, for me, right now; I’m tired of WQs and herbing and raiding but I still want to find things to do. The next patch is a month-and-a-half away.

I have suggested several things.

I want to be able to track entire questlines. This is so I can follow a story to the end. I’d like different colors for main and side quests. Beginnings of expansions, there is pressure to get to the end for story and next story or rep or pathfinder.

I have suggested a Lore Center. At the Lore Center (we need a better name) there are a lot of quests. You can pick one and learn all about a story and in WoW there are plenty.

Let’s say I want to know all about my favorite character: Brann Bronzebeard. The first quest sends me to Iron Forge and I learn about the three factions of Dwarves and about Brann and his brothers. Then I’m off to Northrend to visit the Explorer’s League camp, there is a guy sitting at a fire and he tells me about stuff and then says the big thing in this part of the story is Ulduar. I go to Ulduar and there is a guy telling me, briefly, about that. Then to Uldum. There I earn a tmog hat (a simple recolor). Then to the next and next. Finally, I am done and earn a title: Bronzebeard. Or “of the Bronzebeards” or something like that.

I’d like to know why there is a crater from Dalaran. I know it is there but what was it like back then? Maybe one of those flying Libram’s can tell me. Maybe there are five hidden books of magics to read in Dalaran. Maybe Jaina can tell me about growing up in Dalaran with Arthas. Maybe along the way there is another lore exclamation point and I can learn a very brief three questline about another character.

How about Wrathion? Wouldn’t you like to know more? You’d have to visit some dragonflight guys and that hut in Pandaria. But, maybe you’d have to visit an Old God for his prophesies!

There is a lot of potential for simple story-telling with this idea. Maybe you’d get a Lorestone that you carry that speaks to you while you are traveling all over the world, maybe it can port you to a new place or back in time.

Maybe I want to learn about the Titan facilities, because I do want to know more. I’d visit Uldum and Ulduar and the others that begin with Ul. I’d go down into the corrupted ones in Pandaria, maybe. I’d visit Magni, for sure. What is the curse of the flesh?

Ysera has a story. So does that Timmy kid with the white cat running in Stormwind. Who is that guy fishing over on that rock? Maybe I’d meet a ghost or a refugee from a famous war. Could I get hints for future stuff?

Can I toggle random lore quests in a zone off and on?

It happens to me all of the time. I begin questing horde side and stop and think, “Wait, who is this guy again?”. All of the main characters have stories that go back to the original Warcraft games, I’ve never played them. But, all we need are some story tellers and quest designers and I’d happily have something to fill my time.

I used to dote on Alexstrasa, the Life Binder. How sad to see the egg chamber in Grim Batol. She planted the seed in Desolace that made that new green area. Who was she before and how is she doing now? Tell me, please.

Maybe there is a Lore Center in each expansion’s main zone. Maybe each patch we get a new set of lore quests for new characters. There could be major and minor questlines to follow. There could be stumble-upon stories with an exclamation mark over someone’s head and a choice to “learn my story”.

I like my idea. If you like it too; open your Suggestion Box!

5 thoughts on “Suggestion Box: Lore Quests

  1. It feels like the potential of the Caverns of Time here is tremendous – they used it via a dungeon in Wrath to show a major lore moment from WCIII, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it to flashback to the battle at Dalaran from WCIII and show the events there, or do the founding of Orgrimmar, or these other lore events. They don’t even have to be dungeons, a scenario framework for a solo instance would work wonders. I feel like the Heritage armor is touching on some of this – the Blood Elf one heavily focuses on Sylvanas and the events of WCIII – but that is a reasonably high gate to expect a lore interested player to jump over.

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  2. I like your idea, i’ll send it to Blizzard, i’ll be happy in any investment in the old content, any quests or content added to old zone is a happy time for me, i’m honestly more interested in small stories than the big ones, i care more about Topper McNabb than big characters … i want to know the culture of Uldum zone people (i forgot their name), about the centaurs and where there is no one centaur in Orgrimmar … there should be one, he is and old character from the comics.

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  3. It is a very good idea, I remember an addon sharing a little bit of the lore from each area too, years ago. So much story to be told, but I would love to have it in the game instead of window moding. 🙂

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