Tmog: Elemental Mage Staff

“The streets were dark with something more than night.”
Raymond Chandler

Tmog: Elemental Mage Staff

With the qualifier, “as far as I know”, this is the only weapon in the game that casts light on the environment. Totally unique, the light travels with you and lights up the floor and walls and ceiling. It gets smaller and bigger if you jump up and down.

Here I am in the stairwell of the Snug Harbor Inn. You can see the light cast on the floor.

Here I am two steps forward, now it is also lighting up the wall and the steps.

Dalaran, lighting the ground.

The new Mage portal area in Stormwind.

Lighting up the wall of books by the Mage trainer.

This is a cool staff! It is not too hard to find and I know that because I used to farm them and give them to friends. Clearly I am a fan. The physics and the animation mechanics are terrific. Still screen snaps won’t do it justice.

And, it is not obnoxious. You don’t notice it all of the time, only in the darker areas of the game of which there are plenty.

In the tmog dressing room, you can see the light cast on my gnome.

This is any other staff. See how it’s darker?

5 thoughts on “Tmog: Elemental Mage Staff

  1. There is a lost Draenei in Blasted Land (Kum’isha the Collector), when you kill some mobs in the zone they drop a crystal or a sphere, he gives you a bag or chest, they contain gear, some of it good transmog gear, one of them is Soulkeeper staff which looks exactly the same but different colors.

    One day i got 3 of them, tried to sell them in AH but no one is buying 🙂

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  2. Oh, boy. I actually have a staff similar to that one, but it has a golden trim around it; I think it´s from Vanilla. 🙂 Take it to Duskwood in those catacombs! It really lights the way.

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