Preparing for Patch 8.2

(a.) Mistaken at the top of one’s voice.
Ambrose Bierce

Preparing for Patch 8.2

Data-mining is like Gummy Bears. Some people love them, some people hate them, some people will eat one, some will eat the whole bag, some will only eat the blue ones. One thing is for sure, they will get stuck in your teeth.

With the patch at best-guess arriving in late June or early July, we have about six weeks of fairly idle time to plan.

Getting your neck piece to 50 is something that you can work on right now. I believe that when the patch drops, our neck will get an artifact trait at level 50. The mechanics have been explained but I glossed over that in the data-mining. This would be a fine time to focus on the Champions of Azeroth quests and to use a rep contract.

All of the professions are getting new recipes. I’m sorry that we have to start over at rank one, but that is that.

Alchemy will use the new herb found in the new zones. But, it also wants herbs like Winter’s Kiss or Riverbud — I intend on stockpiling those materials now because I don’t want to go back to an old and well-worn zone.

Feasts will use the new fish found in the new zones. No more camping by that huge frog and fishing Redtail Loach. But, it still needs Stringy Loins and Meaty Haunch, found in the old zones. So, I’ll stockpile those mats today.

I’ve looked at the data-mining for my main professions. So much seems to be locked behind reputation (you need exalted to learn the new Blingtron 7000). My guess is that the first three weeks of the patch will be a lot of game play to grind rep to get flying and along the way we’ll pick up our rank twos and threes. Once we arrive at flying, things will roll back to normal everyday playstyles.

With a long six weeks to the patch, some small preparations are possible. I’ll tell you, having that neck piece at 50 is a relief!

When BfA dropped, one person in our guild fished and sold fish until she earned a million gold. Then she began questing and running around. There is opportunity in new patches if you have the patience, time or inclination.


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