Patch 8.2: The Alt Strat

“I am not young enough to know everything.”
Oscar Wilde

Patch 8.2: The Alt Strat

It is exciting that flying has become one of the high points in an expansion. The Devs have said that it will take two or three weeks to earn the revered reputation on each of the two new zones.

I have four working characters at 120, the question is whether I pick one character and invest a lot of time for the sole goal of flying or do I do the ice cube tray method and run all four to see what the zone is about and play around letting it come as it will.

  1. My raiding druid has herbing and engineering. The herbs will be necessary and in high demand early in this patch. While I love healing dungeons and raids, changing specs to boomkin, feral or guardian are all playstyles that are more labor than love. Data-mined is the new Tome which might make it easy to change all of my azerite traits to support damage while questing.
  2. My raiding warlock has alchemy and engineering. Frankly, this character is new to me still. As a questing character, it kinda sucks to have a channeled spell as an opener; again labor more than fun. Very hard to kill though!
  3. My profession hunter has alchemy and inscription. I’d not be able to gather the materials but I love playing this character. It is play.
  4. My profession druid has herbing and mining. While reporters have said that almost everything gives rep points on these new zones, I really doubt that plucking a flower or picking at a mine gives rep.

I am curious how others with alts will play. Do you have a trailblazer? Will you divide one character to a dedicated zone and another to the second? Are there short-term goals for each toon to reach every play session?

Making three weeks into two weeks to get flying could be fun in itself. I am way too old to play non-stop for any reason, it is springtime and the flowers need some sniffing and the clouds need to be pondered.

As to water-walking, I have a raft. Druids can be in stag form and have full-speed ahead on a raft (and it can be cast while running). I have the Underlight Angler in my bags if I want to stand out of danger and fish.

Best guess is that my druid will go boomkin and be a trailblazer with my others following up and visiting now-known sites. How will you play?


7 thoughts on “Patch 8.2: The Alt Strat

  1. Boomkin first is good plan. You can then still slip into Cat Form and Prowl around things that look more dangerous than you want to deal with πŸ˜€

    If Kamalia manages to get all of her 8.0 reputations up to Exalted before Patch 8.2 drops AND I’ve managed to finish the 8.1 and 8.1.5 parts of the War Campagn — which is likely, but not certain — then I’ll most likely send Kamalia out to Nazjatar and Mechagon to start working on the new reputations. If I haven’t gotten all of the 8.0 reputations to Exalted yet or caught up with the War Campaign, I won’t go to the new zones until I’ve completed that earlier content.
    I haven’t managed to get any other characters up to 120 yet, but I suppose if I get someone else to 120 before Patch 8.2 drops, I might send one of them to the new zones instead of Kam.

    I’d still rather have Barding than Inflatable Shoes for my mounts, so thanks for the reminder about the Angler’s Raft! My Mages both have the Mage-specific version of the Angler’s Raft (Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg), so they’re good. Druids don’t need waterwalking, they have Aquatic Form. Shaman have waterwalking as a class spell… so I guess it’s just my Paladins who will be out in the cold for waterwalking when that change comes. Maybe I’d better send them out to Krasarang Wilds to start buttering up Nat Pagle…

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  2. I guess Mechagon will have a shared A/H camp? Then my initiate rush-in would make it 3 toons.

    Nazjatar with Micromantica for the Alliance and Schlitzchen for the Horde side – that’s my two flagships and oldest characters per faction. And some toon for Mechagon, most probably my gnome rogue Pins to sneak around and learn the safe paths around the island. Also being a gnome is a great immersion bonus πŸ™‚

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