Herds of Great Stag in Drustvar

“If a farmer fills his barn with grain, he gets mice. If he leaves it empty, he gets actors.”
Walter Scott

Herds of Great Stag in Drustvar

I would guess that almost everyone plays with the name plates turned on. There is a wish that the designers could have a better solution because the game is so much better without them times ten. We understand that part of the game is to be attacked by surprise and that we have learned caution.

That said, this morning I was herbing in the area between Watchman’s Rise and Arom’s Stand and noticed a big change. One can hope that this is permanent. Instead of two or three stags, foxes and wolves, we now have beautiful herds of them!


The Great Stags drop meaty haunch, a valued material for the feasts. This is also for the new feast in patch 8.2


The Snow Fox drops Stringy Loins, a valued material for the feasts.


I hope that this is not a glitch. This zone as gone through many changes during the expansion. At first, Winter’s Kiss was so plentiful that I leveled my Warlock in this zone thinking that the xp from four picks was the same as one quest; zoom. Then they added the assaults and the placement and respawn of Winter’s Kiss dropped like my hopeful heart.


Turn off the name plates and it is beautiful to watch the herds. I didn’t screencap that since I was wanting to show the big size and numbers of the mobs. It’s great for farming and a relief from our well-known standard farming places.

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