“Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.”
Dion Boucicault


There is no such word.

I did it. Today I turned on Track Pets. It has been a long time since I went a-taming. Collecting has always been there though and a drop from Darkshore is always welcome.

Unless I am missing something, there have been zero signature pets that stand out like a Nuts, Egbert, Boneshard, Stinker, Stardust and others with great idle animations in this expansion. There has been nothing that I wanted to “go for” and collect.

There is Hearthy. This is a pet reward for collecting 1000 unique pets. I believe that it acts has a hearthstone! Gadzooks, someone is designing over in Anaheim.

I am at about 930ish uniques. That is after visiting the AH and buying all the pets that I don’t have under the cost of 1000g. It was about eight pets, I guess.

Battle Safari (taming in the zones) offers 27 pets to the count. It will be fun, I was saving this for flying but life in the game is slow.

After that, it will be the rares and islands and back-to-draenor type adventures.

It will take a while, I am sure — maybe to the next expansion.

Mounts? I don’t chase them anymore. If I see one at a vendor, I’ll cough up some gold. A drop is welcome. I do kill LFR Jaina every week, hoping for GMOD.

Toys have always been a priority when collecting. It is time to start going through the Uncollected list and see what I can do about it.

C’mon patch 8.2 — I am ready!

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