Week 468: Recap

“I could never see myself playing a goblin or gnome, without some serious CGI at least!”
Kristian Nairn

Week 468: Recap

Just another week in Azeroth.

We downed King Rastakan this week and got some pulls in on Mekkatorque. I only got one chance in the bot and I tried to call out symbols because I’m color blind. I can’t claim “red” with authority. It was a shock to the group and we failed. One can’t know if we simply have to hope I don’t get chosen or we figure out a work-around or I get benched. In any case, having this failing of mine featured in the raid was humiliating. I was miserable and wanted to quit.

We did a Mythic 10 key last night with quaking in the narrow hallways of the Temple of the Snakes. Everyone wants and hopes for a good drop in the cache on Tuesday. It took about ninety minutes, way over the timer. I do have a response if Blizzard touts the metrics on how many people are doing these dungeons because a metric won’t show if the players are happy doing these dungeons! Still, I do have fun with my buddies and we laughed and carried on as usual.

Thinking about a Suggestion Box post concerning Legacy and how these dungeons will be remembered in contrast to, say, Zul’Farrak which I really loved to do — I accidently mass milled six full stacks of Winter’s Kiss. Am I old enough to blame age yet? Or was I just making a classic mistake. It is true that I’m stockpiling for the future patch in hopes of not returning so it isn’t terribly bad. It sure was a shock though!

I am at 965 unique pets! The Battle Safari was a breeze with no weather or day/night pets to deal with. My strategy was to go get a whole bunch of ’em and then look up locations for the final few. I avoided the Wowhead Battle Pet Collection Tracker because I assumed that I’d have to make an account, create a user name, make a password and login then turn off notifications. I was wrong! This is a really good tool AND you can click on a missing pet to open a new page on Wowhead just for that pet. Good stuff!

I think I counted 87 new pets in patch 8.2. Collecting 1000 uniques for the achievement is not far away.

MMO Champs posted the highlights of the Forbes interview with Ion.

I don’t want to use the world “misleading”. It is true that our neck socket will be opened at 120 after several steps and quests (for all of our Alts, right?). But to get the Essence to plug into the socket is what this game is all about. The “good” ones seem to be far down the road. Ion said that they will be like the Legendary spells in Legion, which is scary.

I have two links for you:
Heart of Azeroth Essences All Revealed, Major and Minor powers is a description of each essence.
All Heart of Azeroth Essence Abilities and Sources has a table to show the steps needed to get the good stuff.

It is a little confusing right now. I think that we will earn and then have a table of choices starting with the wimpy first ones. We will be able to swap using Tomes of Changed Talents. Some are pvp-ish, some are dungeon-ish and some are raider-ish is what it seems.

One thing is sure: everything is time played by the truck load. This patch is front-loaded with a massive amount of play time to get up-to-speed for raiding or getting enough to use your new things.

One thing that I’m really looking forward to is the pre-patch thing that will load all of our new spells in the Unlearned tab. Then we’ll know the final recipes and can look through the lists of toys and mounts and pets to target while we play.

It has been a solid week in Azeroth. Downing the King and finishing Battle Safari was great. The Mythic 10 key was “fun enough” to come back next week for another go at a failed timer because that is when we can all relax and just have a good time. I need to go farm Winter’s Kiss, wow!

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