The Genius of Classic WoW

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”
Albert Einstein

The Genius of Classic WoW

Help me out here. Is it possible that Classic WoW will be the answer to all of Ion’s problems?

I was reading The Last Chapter Guild’s post on June Gaming Goals with a citing of two different points of view on Classic. Then, I wondered “what about Blizzard?”.

If memory serves, Warlords of Draenor got a lot of criticism for not enough content. So, Ion decided that several things needed to be done; including better pacing of content releases.

We also saw a dreary endless solution of filling power bars designed to keep us logging in every day and we hate it. The AP Solution was soon seen as a masked attempt to keep the Monthly Active User count up and looking good for investors. A goofy metric if you ask me, we subscribe by the month.

The genius of Classic is that it is married to our main account. And, when we are bored with WoW, we will go play Classic and keep those MAU numbers cooking along. I know that I’ll do that, I like this game a lot.

For me, I have never fallen for all of the other games like Overwatch or that card game. In fact, I’d rather fish in Nazmir than go to another game. But, the step over to Classic would be easy and fun when the current game drags.

In the next expansion with Classic at our side, I expect a return to the good old days when I could level my healer to “raid ready” and park him. Then I could jump on my hunter and go adventuring. It really was a good way to play. Finishing things is so important!

So, come August, do you think that Ion can finally relax?

3 thoughts on “The Genius of Classic WoW

  1. It seems to me there has been some “development fatigue” with Wow’s developers in the expansions after Pandaria. In the last couple of years, as long time staffers have left, they’ve made vague statements about working on the game for so very long, and they need a change. Don’t you wonder if all of that fatigue would be non-existent had Titan been released successfully.
    Now there’s this unexpected thrill and enthusiasm for World of Warcraft in it’s early state. The kind of enthusiasm Titan could have brought. Will this revitalize everything? So far, it feels like it will do just that. I love the game, this makes me very happy.

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  2. There is the possibility of Old Runescape, Jagex didn’t stop developing and adding new things for the game while keeping the game as it is, which means after few years of Classic Blizzard can take it in a different road, maybe add the content they planned to add in vanilla but didn’t for some reason or another.

    I wonder if Ion and others take vacations, i know at one person who was forced by his company to take vacation 😀 he have more than a year worth of holidays and he refuse to take rest, they told him to go and not come back until he spend all these months not working, of course they are paying him but he didn’t like it!

    Taking time off and being away from work is important, makes you think about it in a different way.

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