Druid on the Run

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”
Albert Schweitzer

Druid on the Run

In some ways, it can be tough to be a Druid. The promised raid buff Mark of the Wild never arrived. Displacer Beast, used like the Hunter’s Disengage spell, would negate fall damage: gone!. Our Dash is pitiful, embarrassing really.

I own a five-button mouse and the thumb buttons on the side were rarely used. That is until I did a Key Bind to the slot on my action bar that is vertical and in the upper right.

Typically it is my fishing spell, dragged from the spell book to that spot. Mouse movement is minimal when fishing and in the World of Warcraft you spend hours upon hours fishing.

Last night, I dragged my Roots spell for Heroic Mekkatorque. Druids are a game-changer on that boss with two types of roots that last thirty seconds on the Spark Bots. It is totally “bring the class” in that case and the pressure is on to perform those additional tasks along with everything else.

Insta-mount is signature to the Druid. When I am herbing/mining, the mining pulls me out of travel form but my thumb button gets me up and going again: fast! I keep the Angler’s Raft hot and race across the water. I know, make a macro — but I have not yet. In the World of Warcraft, you can spend hours and hours herbing and mining.

Consider a key binding to improve your quality of life.

When herbing, I will be either in Balance spec or Resto-healing spec.

In Balance, I have the Treant talent. My favorite thing to do is seeing a player fighting a mob or a rare and dropping those Treants on them to pull aggro and give that player a break as I speed on by.

In Resto, if I see a player in battle, I like to drop a mushroom down for some encouragement. This does pull me out of travel form but it is insta-mount to get off to the next node again.

In my mind, Druids are friendly helpful beings. As much as I do wish for Mark of the Wild, one does what one can when playing in Azeroth.

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