BoD: No AotC

“When people say, ‘She’s got everything’, I’ve got one answer – I haven’t had tomorrow.”
Elizabeth Taylor

BoD: No AotC

Pardon the WoW shorthand, we use acronyms a lot.

I’ve played their game. I have two (almost three) characters with a level 50 neck, ilevel is about 408, I’ve raided every week and we have always had pots, flasks, feasts and even Vantus Runes. I’ve run mythic plus to support my raiding gear.

The list is long on the lengths I’ve gone, we’ve gone, to play the game as designed.

For the second raid of this expansion, we won’t get Ahead of the Curve. Sure, individual players will join a pug team but our raid team as a collective will not. The achievement is symbolic of our good play. As we will not get it, we must be bad players.

Or: we can blame Blizzard!

My friends, it is pretty bad. Our run at the AotC achievement goes back to Lei Shen in Mists of Pandaria. That run is broken badly in Battle for Azeroth. The current raids can not be over-powered by ilevel, the mechanics are over-whelming.

We either one-shot Conclave or spend the night wiping, wondering how it can be that we are wiping on a very well-known fight. That frustration in design makes me stand in awe at the tenacity of our players. The willingness to wipe 100 times on a mid-step boss is staggering to me.

Some things are clearly wrong. The idea of a “season” where we line up mythic plus, pvp and raiding as a clump is a failure. It forces the raids to open too soon.

What should be happening with 8.2 is that we get the new gear upgrades and go and kill Jaina — then, in a month or so after the patch, the new raid begins with our shiny upgrades from the zones. With the season concept, the game is trapped because pvp and mythic plus should not be held back. This is an obvious failure in design.

Opening the next raid two weeks after the patch seriously hampers the raiders. We will have only two weeks, on the ground, to get our rank one feast, potion, flasks, cauldrons, enchantments all stacked up and prepared for the new raid. Who can afford the time to play the new fun zones?

And, there is a sense of dread that we will fail for the third time in a row to get the AotC. This is months and months of playing with other in-game investments and there is zero confidence that we will succeed.

Why play? That could be the question.

My raid team is great. They make me laugh. We sing sometimes. We talk about gaming conventions and cooking and tell stories. We cheer a kill and smile at upgrades. We say “thank you” a lot and worry about players with problems of health or jobs and ask about it and support them. We don’t mind waiting if you just got off of work, we’ll chat while you power down your dinner. I look forward to these guys every week.

Blizzard could break our morale. They might break our raid teams, it is happening all over the world in WoW. it is possible that “lawyer as game director” was the wrong person to know more about fun than millions of players, one might guess that he knows more about promotions and power.

People might give up — I’d not blame them.

Patch 8.2 might be what the Battle of Azeroth should have been. It is loaded. Pets, toys, mounts, achievements, flying, mount equipment, azerite upgrades, zones, art, flavor, whimsy: it is pure-dee loaded.

But: with the staunch stick-in-the-mud dungeon and raiding mechanics, the bring the class philosophy, the design solution of stacking mechanics, the baffling GCD choice (where you have to confirm that the button you pushed did something), trash with boss powers: where every thing has a failure threshold — there is no room for a hero, only a survivor, a victim willing to take one more step.

There are days when I envy the smarter players who avoid the dungeon/raiding scene. They have goals that can be achieved and they go do them. And then they log off, content for the day.

I am a senior citizen in my sixties. I guess I could go to the senior citizen center and play ping pong with some old lady. Maybe eat oatmeal cookies and drink stale coffee.

Elune have mercy, I’ll keep playing WoW.

4 thoughts on “BoD: No AotC

  1. I watched the raid last night off and on. I would see the notice, wiped on Jania at 72%, 46%, 14%, 58%, and on and on. The 14% was 10 minutes in. That is a long time to deal with the level of mechanics in the fights. After awhile, I logged out and went to bed. About an hour later I heard the “YES!!!!!!!” 13 wipes, 1 kill. Now all they want to do is go back to Normal to farm up some gear for new folks. It takes a lot to raid, a lot more than it use too.

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  2. It feels like a very different game from when I last raided back in wotlk. All of the daily content, filling of the azerite power bar, playing with the economy, and raiding on top of that? I may have had time for that back when I was a student but now wit work and a young family I am very much a solo player. Questing and playing the auction house are my game now – my rl friends havent logged on in 6 months. I have a lot of nostalgia in relation to raiding, but the barrier to entry is just too high now for what is a game. I am hoping that classic will bring my mates back, and bring back the depth to the single player game that is missing now underneath the theme park veneer of repetitive content.
    Anyway, all the best. I enjoy reading of the fun that you have.

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