Three Weeks on the Road

“Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job.”
Adlai Stevenson I

Three Weeks on the Road

Patch 8.2 is in it’s “release” cycle encouraging us to think that June 25th might be the date of the drop. As usual, Gnomecore applies some solid logic.

We know that there is a lot in the big patch. Let’s hope that this coming Tuesday will pre-load our UI so we can hunt for unlearned recipes and toys and achievements!

One thing for sure, we’ll be on the ground until we learn flying. They say about two to three weeks to get the rep, so lets say three weeks. Under the new Mount Equipment rules our Water Strider will be reduced to sinking unless the character-wide slot is filled with water walking. The two other choices are anti-daze and a parachute.

I expect that a lot of players will be choosing mounts based on reasons of vanity or achievement or function like the two-seater choppa’. Anticipating the new burst of freedom should be fun in the packed two new zones.

Which mount will you choose to reflect your glory?


My choice will be one of the cat mounts, probably one of the originals purchased in Darnassus. I think that they nailed the cat animations and the ride is smooth. Except for the occasional fierce roar, it is mostly a quiet run. Perfect!


3 thoughts on “Three Weeks on the Road

  1. My main is a DK and she’ll be using the same mount she has for years [Invincible]. But I likely will make some changes on the alts. Probably one of the dwarves or gnomes will use the first brewfest mount [the one earned at the very first one, that’s now quite rare]

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  2. The Water Strider has never been a default mount for me. Sure, I have it on a corner of my action bars (right next to the Mog Yak, in fact), but I don’t often bother to use it. I’m going to sally out to the AH and get some Barding and then just keep using the same old mount macros, customized to each character, that I’ve always been using. I suppose I ought to take a bit of time to make sure that all of my alts have Pandaria Fishing trained so that I can replace the Water Strider with the Angler’s Fishing Raft on my action bars…

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  3. It’ll be a relief to get a Water Strider off my shoulders and action bars ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never been a fan, although its skittering animation is not annoying, and I enjoy the summoning sound ๐Ÿ™‚

    Currently if I’m not supposed to cross swimming parts, I always summon a mount of choice. Let’s see:

    Micromantica the Mage uses her class mount – a frost disc, earth and skies.
    Jellica the Priest rides a snowwhite Kul Tiran stallion.
    Myrki the Warlock rides a class mount – a diabolical armored felfire steed, earth and skies.
    Pins the Rogue rides a pandarian goat.
    All 3 dwarves ride the rams.
    Both Mag’har orcs and a goblin warrior ride the Draenor wolves (with bags, blanket and all)
    Schlitzchen the Shaman rides an engineering rocket, earth and skies.
    Melaris the Demon Hunter rides a Vol’dunai hyena.

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