Patch 8.2: One Week Notice

“A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.”
Lana Turner

Patch 8.2: One Week Notice

Exciting times!

As people who are much smarter than me figured out, it pretty much has to be in this time window to not conflict with Classic. Blizzard needs us to be bored enough in BfA to be willing to go take a look and show big numbers for their launch.

Is the patch ready? I don’t know. I do know that our UI has not been updated with the next raid and dungeon. Nor do we see the upcoming toys, pets, mounts and recipes. It seems to me that we typically get an updated UI before a patch drop. Maybe not, I might remember it differently.

The new raid will open on July 9th. I think that it is way too soon but the season concept forces the raid to open with the pvp and mythic plus season.

Can we prepare? Sure, we can stockpile materials from our current zones so that we don’t have to return. We won’t need fish, that is for sure; the recipes want the new zone’s fish.

In Alchemy, I looked and saw all kinds of new and improved pots and flask. But no mana potion. Health yes, mana no. I hope that it is a mistake and we’ll get a new bigger mana pot.

My preparation is paltry. I looked into professions with some interest. But I’ll be open and fresh when looking a new zones and stuff. One thing that always worries me on patch day is missing the new recipes: will we get them from our trainer or in the new zones? This is important.

I have a screen capture to share. Last night we did an achievement run and on Opulence we have to /praise the Sunflower. So, I made mine big so no one would miss it. And I’m a gnome.

So I spent the hallway run face-to-face with a giant sunflower! Smiling at me. I loved it. Couldn’t see a darn thing.


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