Veggies Then Dessert: 8.2

“We take our bearings, daily, from others. To be sane is, to a great extent, to be sociable.”
John Updike

Veggies and Dessert: 8.2

Full to bursting, there is a lot in this new patch!

As expected, and often the saving grace, the artwork is superb. Blizzard does a great job of introducing us to new content and it is exciting and powerful.

Nazjatar is the intense zone with an emissary and a ton of quests. It is loaded with things to do. It feels worth it to be curious, clicking on a something can surprise you.

Mechagon is the dessert in the title. After the intense up and downs of the first zone, falling off of things and being chased by very strong enemies; the open areas of the next zone was a relief.

I don’t know what I’m doing at all! But, I’m Friendly with both factions. It will be weeks to Revered. Where is our bird whistle? Travel is everything, I think these zones are designed for flying and we are chewing naga tails and gear parts on the ground.

Magni needs me! There was a tiny peek at the dragons and a spy for Wratharion. I’m looking forward to the next chapters. The 30 second insta-shot is welcome enough, I guess. Dragons, thank Elune!

The customizable trinket is useless. The red card gives me occasional haste, the yellow gives a chunk of Versatility and the blue would be some flavor like water breathing or whatever. It is ilevel 404 and I’m not giving up 350 Intellect as a solid stat for this trinket! I’m baffled why it is a thing.

The Benthic pants are now 410. My Druid looks 5% bigger and my Warlock got a small speed stat. I was hoping that this process would make a difference but stacking the currency is proving slow (as far as first day goes, lol).

And I am slow, slow, slow. It took hours to finish the four WQs for the emissary. Early frustrations are normal and keeping my eyes open to the next cool thing is the satisfaction. I’m looking forward to the Reset.

The servers are down right now, probably loading the hot fixes. The Boiling Cauldrons are giving old pots, flasks and stuff. It would be bad if Tools of the Trade was only to last from 8.1.5 to 8.2. I’m hoping that they are fixing it right now.


Some fun stuff, let’s play WoW.

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