The Data Mine is a Lie

“Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.”
Dave Barry

The Data Mine is a Lie

Day Two was fun.

On Day One I got the Fabious mount. I saw a guildie whisper me, I joined a group, got summoned, did a selfie and it was in my bags. Its an underwater mount and if you are wanting, I’d think that it will be on the pug boards. Keep an eye out.

I’ve hit a few problems. The raid feast requires s.p.a.r.e. crates, three of them each: that was not in the data mining. You can’t put them in the reagent tab, this will make it hard to stock up. Same with the Ion Fish used for the feast, they can’t be placed in the reagent tab.

The Ionized Fish were vacuumed up during a quest. Then you lose the vac. The quest giver, Darlene Angler, has a question box for asking for another and she says “equipment check”. So, maybe I need yet another goodie in my bags.

In my opinion, Blizzard has to drop professions or support them. Cooking and Flasks give such a small buff in ratio to the massive amounts of materials. This stuff should not be precious.

And the boiling cauldrons did not update, which is simply wrong. However, I am currently in the one-hour downtime for them to fix stuff: so we can hope!

Other than being very worried about professions and reagent storage, I’m having a good time. I found the bird whistle quest and did that on Day Two, this helps a lot.

My Druid will earn flying. He can prowl and heal and shadowmeld, all needed in these dangerous zones. My Warlock will probably follow up, way behind as an Alchemist.

If you are curious, I raided last night. The Crucible of Fire essence added 3% to my healing; maybe it is the extra button to push that is exciting.

Isn’t is strange how they stacked the profession trainers?

The legacy of West Side Story lives on. These two murlocs are dancing the choreography of “Cool”. I kid you not. Jerome Robbins is rolling over in his grave.

Here is a surprise and welcome ride back to the quest giver. No complaints from me!


3 thoughts on “The Data Mine is a Lie

  1. I just finished the alchemy tools of the trade object a couple days ago and haven’t had a chance to see any of the thingies in world yet. I’m going to have to traipse back through your blog and find the bit where you talked about it.

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