Patch 8.2: Day Three

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
Mark Twain

Patch 8.2: Day Three

Okay, honored and honored; it feels like there is progress. Filling the honored bar will take more than neutral and friendly. In the short term, it is all about flying.

It is kinda weird to have WQs and Dailies.

I’m with Gnomecore in building my “oh hell no” list. There are some daily quests that I’ll skip from now on. I understand that some puzzles are pre-built resources plugged into the patch, in general I don’t really play those kinds of puzzles (except Tetris!).

175 cooking. I got the Ion Vac and racked up a bunch to make some Crit Sandwiches until I maxed out. I am still very wary about the professions in this expansion.

Players play differently. We have a few dedicated and smart players who look at the meta-achievements and the expansion features and go straight to working on that. There are others who like to run around and play. That’d be me, just looking over the next hill.

I was surprised to find an extra action bar the next day too from making some toy-like gizmo in Mechagon. It was a quest. It has a nasty multi-knock back effect. I’ll use that thing every day!

This morning (day four) found me starting in Mechagon and just a little on the other island. The push to flying must be a careful push. If players fly before me, that is okay — they can give me a freaking ride!

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