Patch 8.2: A Bit Chewy and Over Done

“All beings who fight for life and hope are allies of mine.”

Patch 8.2: A Bit Chewy and Over Done

The morning of Day Five finds me with quests that need items in my action bar, several of them. One is fun, a few is confusing. You have to isolate and figure out what it does. Sometimes they don’t seem to do anything!

I was in the Bloodfin area, playing as if my life depended on it. Couldn’t understand why the mobs kept coming and coming. I suspected a rogue was pulling them over and vanishing. Y’know what? It was my follower! This guy needs some discipline.

Know that it is hard to be stealthy and selective when you have a follower by your side, he is aggressive!

Sighing at over-done mobs, shields and fears and strange spells and I have to kill 25 of them. Just a tiny bit over-done but with some gear, maybe not so much?

I am reminded how happy we were at the beginning of WotLK when we got all new gear. We felt strong and ready-to-go a-killing. Our new Benthic gear is not moving up in power fast at all. It feels like a miser is slowly sliding a nickel on the table and keeping his finger on it.

My sister-in-law is in town for a funeral. She is one of my favorites. Early in her career she danced with some names that I know that you would not. She danced overseas for the troops in the USO. Then, later in life, she opened a dance studio.

We all had dinner and the conversation turned to spreading ashes. My dad threatened to put in his will that he wanted his kids to spread his ashes at Mt. Fiji, just to force all of us to see this beautiful mountain.

Of course we talked about the Big Lebowski! That was a funny scene in a movie.

My sister-in-law said that she wanted just a tiny bit of her ashes sprinkled in the rosin box at the theater. A rosin box is about the size of a kitty litter box (and is called that) and ballet dancers go en pointe in the box to get rosin on the tips of their toes (for traction) before entering the stage to dance.

I thought that this was a lovely idea! A sort of way to bless or help or give her spirit to the performing dancers. Her way of saying “merde” and wishing them well. You can see why she is one of my favorite people, theater through and through.

I’d like to see Blizzard offer virtual ash spreading services.

It would not be for players with accounts but family members who knew that their brother or son or mom played WoW a lot and wanted to find out more or simply acknowledge how much time was spent in this game. To remember them in a way.

It could be for ten bucks. You’d enter their first name and the video would play. It would show players fighting monsters and dancing in the moonwell and flying over Azeroth and being in huge groups fighting a dragon. Blizzard could to it.

A montage that is so darned sentimental that it brings tears to your eyes. The level five night elf doing flips, the heroes gathered in the hero stance with light shining down, riding across Tanaris on a dragon! Alexstrasa, the Life-Binder, spreading ashes into the wind over Azeroth.

It is a good idea. I put it in the Suggestion Box. I hope they read those things.

3 thoughts on “Patch 8.2: A Bit Chewy and Over Done

  1. That is an awesome idea.

    As to Nazjatar, Nj or New Jersey for me, I looted a coin yesterday. When I noticed I had two curses on me and had lost 40% of my health and climbing I had a choice, destroy it or go read WoWhead. I found the vendor but I could see like all things in 8.2, if you stand still for too long, something will kill you.

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  2. I would definitely do this-pay for virtual ashes. You need to patent this. It could be for any social media group or any site where a loved one invested heart, soul and time with other like-minded folks. Makes me think of your tank who passed a couple of years ago. Also, the ashes in the kitty litter-totally awesome!

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