Another Day in Patch 8.2

Do not be discouraged because you cannot learn all at once; learn one thing
at a time, learn it well, and treasure it up, then learn another truth and
treasure that up, and in a few years you will have a great store of useful
Wilford Woodruff

Another Day in Patch 8.2

We are getting to know our way around much better. Being selective on quest dailies helps to reduce the swear jar. I am not any stronger but much better at using my tool kit. Some of these fights are hard!

I took my third character across the ocean. She is an alchemist and an inscrptionist. Don’t know her fate quite yet. I thought I’d point out the Wrathion spy.


Discord with my guild was very good last night. We talked about what each had discovered.

If you do five heroic island expeditions you will earn fifteen bits of things to learn a new essence. Immediately rank two is on the mission board. So, that is worth looking into.

You can fly in Mechagon and it changes everything. There are stations to be found that offer three things; one is an anti-gravity pack.


The pack lasts for 20 minutes and that is a long time. As I understand it, there is only one station at a time. Wowhead offers the waypoints but I’d prefer to be lucky and have a general idea where to look. Boomkins flap.


There are flyers about that will tag you but I never got shot down. The warning was enough to keep moving. Like another blogger said, you can never just stop and refill your coffee: something will get you. These flying baddies move about in a pattern.


I learned more about the blueprints and made myself a Mechanocat mount! It is cool because his roar makes his insides sound really hollow.

It feels like Wowhead is behind the curve. Some dailies I know but some are new. Visiting their site for NPC Unknown and some data-mined sound files was not my expectation.

Finally, what I really need is Herbalism rank 2 and 3 but it is a mystery! If you figure it out, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Another Day in Patch 8.2

  1. Ive been Playing around in mechagon a bit. Those jetpacks are from the armory stations. They show up as little gears on the minimap and are one of the contribution projects players can build together.

    The jetpack is really nice, I got the blueprint for it luckily and can almost always have one now.

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  2. Rank 2 of Zin’anthid drops from the Carnivorous Lasher, which you can spawn by planting a Germinating Seed in the Fertile Soil in the Kelp Grove (think that’s what it’s called) and then feeding the lasher. I believe the first time around you get a quest to do this, that mob from what I know won’t drop the recipe which is a bit confusing since the things you need to do and the name of the mob are identical.

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